Kasra – Essential Mix @ BBC Radio 1 – 2019/07/20

Kasra – Ski Mask
Need For Mirrors – Lambo
Ivy Lab – Forex
Circuits – Wingwalker
Digital – Deadline
Mefjus & Skeptical – Runway
Baron – Nosher (The Sauce Remix)
Ivy Lab – 20 Questions
Fade Black – Wreckage (Demo Mix)
Enei – Northern Noise
Serum – Special Brew
Break – Keepin It Raw
Sam Binga feat. Redders – Vandaleiro (Particle Remix)
Adam F – Circles (Pola And Bryson Edit)
Skeptical – Imperial
Solid State – Just A Vision (Marcus Intalex And ST Files Remix)
Doc Scott – Swarm
Circuits – Drench
Ed Rush & Optical – Funktion
Bungle – Cocooned (Kiril Edit)
Optical Remix – Wish U Had Something (Optical Remix)
Hyroglifics – Mind Control
Icicle – Lost Hours
TI & Inja – Flip The Switch
Workforce – Frantic
Mefjus & Emperor – Distrupted
Mefjus & InsideInfo – Repentance VIP
Klax feat. Chari Brix – Become
Kasra & Enei – 40HZ
Marcus Intalex & ST Files – How You Make Me Feel
Commix – Underwater Scene
Klinical – Around Me
Halogenix – Line B
Hyroglifics – Stone Rose
Ivy Lab – Live On Your Smile
SpectraSoul – Alibi (Break Remix)
Noisia & Phace – Floating Zero
Enei & Eastcolors & Noel – Cracker 2017
Serum & Paul T & Edward Oberon – Moon In Your Eyes
Sam Binga & Chimpo – Rude AF
Capone – Friday
Bad Marsh & Shri – Signs (Calibre Remix)
Mefjus & Skeptical – Amber
Skeptical – Mechanism
Kasra – Ski Mask (Enei Remix)
LSB – Potshot (Voltage VIP)
Bou – Envy
Particle – Empires
QZB feat. Charli Brix – Take It All VIP
Alix Perez – White Lies
Enei – Divided Mode
Kasra – Mechanique
Break – Submerged (Calyx & Teebee VIP Mix)
Break & DJ Die – Slow Down VIP
Current Value – AVGR
Buunshin – Deep Footwork
Circuits – Microdose
Fade Black feat. Leo Law – Sane
Break – The Flux
Sam Binga feat. Rider Shafique – Organic (Enei Remix)
Mefjus & InsideInfo – Leibniz
Halogenix – Blej (Fade Black Remix)
Fierce & Cause 4 Concern – Carrier
SpectraSoul – Organiser
Circuits – Euphoria Part 1
Sabre Stray & Halogenix feat. Frank Carter III – Oblique VIP


Rene LaVice – BBC Radio 1 – Best of 2018 (25.12.2018)

Mampi Swift – The One (Inside Info Remix) 
Culture Shock – Bunker 
The Prototypes – Electric (Mind Vortex Remix) 
Dawn Wall – Blinded 
Turno – Asylum 
DC Breaks – Gambino (InsideInfo Remix) 
Ren√© LaVice – Can’t Get Enough (feat. Isaac Evans) 
Dossa & Locuzzed – Shag (VIP Remix) 
John Holt – Police in Helicopter (Benny L Remix) 
Trex – What I Say (feat. Fox) 
Jubei & Marcus Intalex – Fanny’s Ya Aunt 
Funeral for a Friend – Streetcar 
Rockwell – User 
Mefjus – Divergence 
Kanine – The Shadows 
Pythius – Monster Black Hole 
DJ Fresh & Jakes – Shots 
Memtrix – Blood Run 
SpectraSoul – Untitled Horn 
The Upbeats – Punks 
Danny Byrd – Devil’s Drop 
Reid Speed & Frank Royal – IN 2 U (Flite Remix) (feat. She Is B) 
BOU – Poison 
Ghosted – Get Some (Cyantific Remix) 
Cianna Blaze – Booty Like Nicki (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix) 
Matrix & Futurebound – Live Another Day (M&F’s Smoke & Mirrors DnB Mix) (feat. Alex Hepburn) 
Cyantific – Body Movin’ (feat. ShockOne) 
Upgrade – Steel Drum 
Social Misfits – Change The Game 
Rene La Vice – Cold Crush (feat. Gydra) 
Pendulum – Hold Your Colour (Noisia Remix) 
Noisia & Prolix – Asteroids (Noisia Remix) 
Dossa & Locuzzed – Shag (VIP Remix) 
Kings of the Rollers – Rave Alarm 
Artificial Intelligence – Justify (Phil:osophy Remix) (feat. Terri Walker) 
Chase & Status – Retreat2018 (feat. Cutty Ranks) 
Critical Impact – Headbanger 
Friction & JP Cooper – Dancing (Dawn Wall Remix) 
Levela – Exhale 
General Degree – Ruff It Up (Benny Page Remix) 
T.R.A.C. – Late Night Connection (feat. Serum & Dynamite MC) 
SpectraSoul – Organiser (Circuits Rewire) 
Mohican Sun – Spiralled 
LSB – New Day (feat. DRS)


Your Chance To Enter The Renegade Hardware REMIX Competition For The ” Final Chapter LP “

Competition time at Hardware.

Hardware is bringing you the chance to have your remix featured on the last ever Hardware album project ” The Final Chapter LP ”

To take part is very simple. We have none other than the one and only Manifest and his legendary O.G Returns track on Hardware for you to remix.

Click the link below to hear the original version.

To enter the competition all you have to do is click the link and get access to all parts for you to remix this Hardware classic.


Once you’ve created your track send a link of the finished tune to the SoundCloud email please.

The closing date for submissions for this competition is Saturday the 9th of July 2016. The winner will be announced via Hardware the following week.

Please do not make your submissions public until the competition is over and winner announced.

Good luck. RH Team

Dirtyphonics – Anonymous VIP

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Because tis the season to be giving, and to celebrate breaking over a million plays on the original, we made a VIP version of our original track Anonymous as a FREE DOWNLOAD for you all.

Merry #DIRTY Xmas!!

Like, comment, and share with all your friends!

It’s FREE because we LOVE U #DIRTYarmy.

Follow Us:

Instagram: @Dirtyphonics
Twitter: @Dirtyphonics
SnapChat: @ItsDirtyphonics
Facebook: fb.com/Dirtyphonics
YouTube: http://ift.tt/1wi1jM0

SoundPond – This Is My Jam – Interview Special

  Soundpond.net is Adelaides online radio station, featuring the best in underground electronic music and hip hop with 52 live shows a week. Monday Night Jams are 6-hour sessions, held every week, showcasing new and invitational talent. Coming up on 250 shows, we decided to get in a bunch of people in Adelaide that we think are doing cool shit.

Check out interviews with Fiction of Inbound Records, Ben of Pilot Records, Chris Hooper, Adelaide Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood, Becc from ArtsSA, Stan of the Format Collective, Shep of Da Klinic, Decoy of Got Beef? battles, Tom of Futuresounds with a live set from Animal Shadows.

Listen to beats and read our articles at www.soundpond.net and www.facebook.com/soundpond

Fabric Live 76: Calyx & Teebee

More info via Resident Advisor but here is the track list. Due for release July 21st.


01. Friction & Skream feat. Scrufizzer, P Money & Riko Dan РKingpin (Calyx & TeeBee Remix) 
02. Gridlok & Prolix РRevenge 
03. Calyx & TeeBee РSkank 
04. Xtrah РCompulsive 
05. Ulterior Motive Р2098 
06. Calibre РInstant 
07. TeeBee РHuman Reptile (Calyx & TeeBee Remix) 
08. Break РDuck For Cover 
09. NC17 & KC РSlimeville 
10. Nasty Habits РShadow Boxing (Om Unit Remix) 
11. Calyx & TeeBee feat. Kemo РPure Gold 
12. Gridlok & Prolix РRiot VIP 
13. The Prototypes РPale Blue Dot 
14. Teddy Killerz РDemolisher 
15. Chris.SU РSolaris VIP 
16. Break РKill Dem 
17. Syron РHere (Calyx & TeeBee Remix) 
18. Michael Woods feat. Ester Dean – We’ve Only Just Begun (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)¬†
19. Break РTempted 
20. Noisia & Calyx & TeeBee РHyenas 
21. Teddy Killerz РNew Drums VIP 
22. Hidden Turn feat. Azaco РTime 
23. Blu Mar Ten feat. Agné Genyté РBreak It All Apart (Break Remix) 
24. Break & DLR РNew Design 
25. Calyx & TeeBee РStrung Out VIP 
26. Arp XP РFive Black Forms (Hybris Remix) 
27. Teddy Killerz & Brain Crisis РLocal 2 
28. Brain Crisis РHands Up 
29. Bricky Mortar РSalford John (Dub Phizix Remix) 
30. Optical РThe Shining (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) 
31. Teddy Killerz РOff World 
32. Fierce/Optiv РSurface Noise 
33. Kemal & Rob Data РStar Trails 
34. Calyx & TeeBee РElevate This Sound 

The Usual Suspects // Search for a Suspect


Are you a bedroom DJ with skills that need to be heard? Are you a seasoned pro looking for a new creative outlet? Have you ever wanted to host your own radio show? If this sounds like you, then register by visiting http://www.facebook.com/UsualSuspectsDnB, downloading the Registration Pack, recording a 30 minute mixtape, and submitting your entry by 26/05/2014. (Open to South Australian Drum n Bass DJs only.)

A handful of applicants will be selected to show their stuff at a Usual Suspects Pond Jam on 9/06/2014, streamed by¬†Soundpond.net, live and direct from the station‚Äôs new licensed venue –¬†Level One¬†(Rundle St). The winner, as chosen by the crew behind¬†The Usual Suspects on Soundpond.net, will then be invited to join the crew as an official co-host of the show.

Traffic Boat Party Postponed

Unfortunate news re: the Traffic Boat Party:

“Due to colder weather and lack lustre presales we have decided to push to boat back by a few months when the heat return… Sorry guys”


Source: https://twitter.com/blake_highfi/status/455399556327702529


Adelaide Massive Revamp

On February 10th 2003 Adelaide Massive came into being, aiming to provide the junglists and dnb heads of our fair city with a place where they could not only find out about the latest events but also somewhere they could shoot the breeze with like minded people.


Over the past 11 years Adelaide Massive has had a number of face lifts but the heart of the site has always been the forum Рor should I say, the people who regularly visited and posted on the forum. Despite the occasional flame war or trouble maker I have to say that the AM crew have always been top notch and I have been able to meet some really friendly people and have some interesting conversations and fun times both on the forum and IRL (and on the dance floor).


As with almost everything in life, things change. Facebook happened. People started accessing the internet on their smart phones. As a result, the traffic on the forum began to decrease and the general chatter slowed down to only a few posts per week.  It is probably a little overdue, but the forum is now closed. You will still be able to view a locked version of the forum for the time being.


The death of the forum does not mean the end for Adelaide Massive. Despite the slow down on forum activity AM is still being accessed regularly for event information and mixes. This latest incarnation of Adelaide Massive has been created to provide up to date event information, while also delivering some of the biggest and best mixes available to download. (Radio show information will be added in the very near future, once each of the hosts have gotten back to me with updated details about their shows.)


If you are putting on an event, hosting a radio show or putting out any releases feel free to drop me a line so we can make sure that your represented.


And if you find a mix you enjoy on here, hit the share button and let your friends know about it!