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A.M.C – Digging Deep (Vinyl Special) – D&BTV: Locked In

Download 0:23 Pendulum – Vault VIP1:08 Noisia – Block Control VIP2:00 RAM Trilogy – Milky Way3:10 Icicle – Dreadnought3:50 Noisia – Facade4:32 Congo Natty – Junglist6:50 Generation Dub – Tink Ya Bad7:40 Wots My Code – Dubplate (Total Science Remix)9:13 Shy FX – Power of Ra10:18 Uncut – Midnight (M.I.S.T. VIP)11:53 DBridge – True Romance12:30 Cause 4 Concern & Fierce – Carrier14:44 Adam F – Circles (Pola & Bryson Bootleg)15:13 Moving Fusion – Turbulence16:10 Brockie & Ed Solo – Represent (Chase & Status Remix)17:12 Bad Company – The Nine19:26 Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria (Pendulum Remix)20:15 Total Science – Nosher (Baron Remix)21:27 Mampi Swift – Resurrection23:09 Ed Rush & Optical – Pacman (RAM Trilogy Remix)24:37 Break – Submerged (Calyx & Teebee VIP)26:00 Die – Ghetto Bizness27:30 Dillinja – Thugs28:55 Northern Lights – All Night Long Ft. Bad Education (VIP)29:49 Sub Focus – Triple X31:58 Bad Company – Snow Cat33:16 Mampi Swift – The One33:51 Sub Focus – X-Ray35:13 DJ Hazard – World of Darkness36:22 Calyx – Are You Ready? (Hive & Gridlok Remix)37:46 Total Science – Squash VIP39:15 EZ Rollers – Ready for Love (Clipz Remix)40:43 Hatiras – Spaced Invader (J Majik Remix)42:36 Ed Rush & Optical – Compound44:38 […]

Villem – Minirig Mixtape

We’re diving back into the world of DnB in our latest edition of the Minirig Mixtape, coming courtesy of Villem! Born in Ipswich, Villem began his adventure with music by buying up early rave tape packs. Turntables and buying records swiftly followed which saw him hone his skills as a DJ, before then transitioning into production. Having a super well rounded musical history as someone that learned to play jazz on the piano and studying musical composition at University, Villem is a powerhouse that draws inspiration from many corners of the musical sphere. Releasing music under his own name, as well as in duos Mute and The Vanguard Project, Villem is about as proactive and passionate as they come – so we’re stoked to have him deliver a huge hour-long mixtape for us. Enjoy!

First Timers: Mako @ SUNANDBASS 2019

As this first season of the „first timers“ series almost comes to an end we have one quite fresh set to add from 2019 by Mako. It was day 7 of our festival when Mako took over the outdoor area at Ambra alongside our very own MC Soultrain. If I#m not mistaken Mako had been to SUNANDBASS before, but this has been the first hime he played. What I find exciting is that after 16 years we still can have first timers that bring a fresh angle to the programme. He has quite a unique style and it was great to have him representing last year. And it’s fantastic we can share this set now which is still full of freshness.

All Timers: Bailey’s SUNANDBASS Classics

The last set of the week in our „first timers“ series comes from Bailey. It actually isn’t the set he played back in 2004 at the first official SUNANDBASS edition (although it had been recorded by Drum&Bass Arena for World of Drum&Bass – they might even have it in their archives). It’s Bailey’s interpretation of the SUNANDBASS classics, and it’s beautiful. Bailey is one of four artists that have played at every SUNANDBASS edition – the others are crew members ArpXP, Soulsurfer and Delicat. That’s what makes him an „all timer“ for us. He usually stays for the whole week plus some additional days before and after the festival. His B2B with A Sides (also known as Baysides) at La Posta in the town center starts and closes the week. It’s the first time in 17 summers we didn’t meet, at least we have this contribution from him. He is such a versatile DJ, always ready to go (hey B, we need a DJ and presenter over here…), and he can play across a wide ranges of styles suited to the situation. We’re lucky to have him as part of the core family!

First Timers: S.P.Y with Stamina MC @ SUNANDBASS 2010

S.P.Y Day 6 of the „first timers“ – and it almost feels like we have lived through a week of SUNANDBASS. Martina, Adam and Simone have been preparing content bytes all week, and I have been pretty much writing these accompanying words to the first timers every evening in real time. It was overwhelming to see how many of you have been sharing memories and connecting online this week. I hope these recordings were and will be a good support in these unprecedented times. This episode features the Brazilian powerhouse S.P.Y in his first year 2010. He joined Marcus and the Soul:ution camp and completely destroyed the place. I remember sitting behind the DJ booth and witnessing this firework of tunes live – it was fantastic. After his regular 60mins Marcus, Calibre and Presha joined him for a B2B2B2B session to close off the night. It went a bit messy towards the end, but it was pure vibes. You can hear the crowd screaming like crazy at the end. Such a great night to remember.

First Timers: Spirit with Blackeye and Double O @ SUNANDBASS 2014

The fourth edition of our „first timer“ comes with a heavy heart. Gio aka Alite curated her first night in 2014 and invited him as her guest, the mighty Spirit. Such a humble guy, you’d never immagine the raw energy he’d express with his music and his DJ sets. Veni, vidi, vici – I think this summarizes his first appearance at Ambra Night. It had already been a week packed of many highlights. On the outdoor floor we just had LSB, Calibre and Marcus Intalex all in a row. Then somehow we all got magically drawn to the Indoor floor where Spirit just started the last set of the night. There was a such a high level of energy in the room, I remember us all looking at each other in a mix of euphoria and disbelief – how can this even go any better?! And he managed to draw one bomb after another in his distinct style, climaxing his way through that last power hour of the night. It was absolutely T for Tremendous to quote our good old friend MC GQ. Speaking of MCs, Blackeye and Double O where the perfect match for this set, and Blackeye became […]