Lenzman & Dan Stezo – The Ensō Tape

[00:00] Calibre – Taciturn [Signature]
[02:34] FD – Bottles [Dub]
[05:07] Redeyes? – ???
[07:40] Lenzman? – ???
[10:35] ??? – ???
[12:02] ??? – ??? (sounds like an old Lenzman/Redeyes dub)
[14:58] Jubei – Cold Heart [Forthcoming Exit]
[17:53] Halogenix – Don’t You Know [Critical]
[19:50] Zero T – Too Close to See (??? Remix)
[21:32] FD – Baby Blue (feat. Lenzman) [The North Quarter]
[23:43] ??? – ???
[25:55] ??? – ???
[28:28] ??? – ???
[29:55] DRS x Skeptical – Forget This All [Space Cadet]
[32:08] Anile – Back on Days [Dub]
[33:57] ??? – ???
[36:30] The Mouse Outfit – Feeling High (feat. IAMDDB & KinKai) (Lenzman Remix) [TMO]
[39:03] Redeyes? – ??? (keys, vocals and sub are all so typical Redeyes)
[40:31] Calibre – Soul 80
[42:20] Lenzman? – ???
[46:00] Break – ???
[48:12] Anile – Nothing Makes Sense [Forthcoming TNQ]
[50:44] ??? – ???
[52:12] Calibre – Brother [Defunked]
[54:01] FD? – ???
[55:51] ??? – ???

The Winter Tape

Free 14 track download/stream over at childrenofzeus.bandcamp.com/

featuring production and vocals from Black Milk, DJ Green Lantern, Kamaal Williams, Beat Butcha, Milano Constantine, Peedi Crackk, HMD, Sebb Bash, Sleazy F Baby, KinKai and more

FADER Mix: dBridge


“Ur A Sta” (Reprise) – dBridge f. Alia Fresco
“Still Miss You” – Sinead Harnett
“Gagaku” (Frederic Robinson Remix) – Synkro
“Natural Sci Fi” – Steve Spacek
“Sunk Lo” (Original) – Instra:mental
“What We Got” – Stereo Soul
“Exit Dub” – dBridge
“Exit Dub” – dBridge
“Her” – Majid Jordan
“True Love” – Instra:mental
“Deep Night” – Instra:mental
“Exit Dub” – Gantz ft. Amina Osmanu
“Exit Dub” – dBridge
“Strange Is Better” – CHINAH
“Blackboard Jungle” – The Fear Ratio
“Syncofated” – dBridge
“Ordinary Thing” (Accapella) – Alia Fresco
“Obsessed” – CHINAH
“Glass Eye” (dBridge Remix) – Kryptic Minds
“Exit Dub” – dBridge
“Give Up The Ghost” (Accapella) – Zed Bias f. Nasrawi and Disco Puppet
“Main Theme” – Dolenz

SUNANDBASS Podcast #79 – Naibu

Our first SUNANDBASS Podcast of 2019 comes from an extremely versatile and talented musician operating only party within the confines of Drum & Bass, @Naibu.

With his sixth long player just hitting the shelves now (grab it here: http://bit.ly/2Q0pgEv
), Naibu is a creative force to be reckoned with, consistently pushing the boundaries of what Drum & Bass is and can be. This musicality and inventiveness is what excites his loyal fans, but he also knows perfectly how to hype up a crowded venue, as his debut SUNANDBASS set in Sardinia last year proved.

His mix for the SUNANDBASS Podcast shows that once again, so jump right in and enjoy this sublime way to start 2019.

Naibu – Manœuvres [Horizons]
Naibu – Les Soirées [Horizons]
Naibu – Red Hand [Horizons]
Mark System – You Gave Up My Love [Warm Communications]
Frank Ocean – Seigfried (Naibu bootleg)
Naibu – Gatekeepers [Horizons]
Cartridge – Pyramid Of Fear [Cartridge giveaway]
Naibu – Replaced [Paradox Music]
Photek – U.F.O. [Photek]
Naibu – Uncalled [Paradox Music]
Optical – Moving 808s [Prototype]
Naibu – The Way You Turn [Horizons]
Boymerang – You Like It Like That [Regal]
Silent Dust ft. Selfsays – Population, Me (Naibu remix) [None60]
Lynch Kingsley & Ilk – Spells [Med School]
Naibu & Key – Just Like You (Fracture remix) [Horizons]
David Bowie – I’m Afraid Of Americans [Photek remix) (Virgin]
Naibu – Again [Paradox Music]
Wayward Mind – Dark Flower Remedy [Flagship]
Silent Dust feat. Selfsays and Jon1st – My Only Option (Naibu instrumental remix) [None60]
Naibu – Distant Light [Horizons]

Frameworks by Om Unit

Om Unit has forged his own path in light and is now truly a pioneer of his own, it’s been amazing for us at The Operatives to be part of this journey and humbly he has graced us with a mix prior to his mini tour and appearance at our 14th birthday: WE ARE 14


“I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the journey myself and some peers have been on, travelling around the Earth as DJ’s and what I feel we have contributed in some small way to the world of beats/bass/dnb etc.. It’s been such an amazing ride so far, but speaking for myself, I think somehow some years ago I got a little lost amongst the ‘career’ aspect, and in a way let the external forces that come with a relative degree of success in a sense dictate some of my relationship with myself as an artist. Over the past year or so, i’ve been enjoying getting back to basics, and re-focusing on the real essence of what it is I set out to do in music, having for-filled my ‘teenage dreams’ of working within the dnb community, I have in a sense been enjoying to returning to being a fan 1st, and with my own creativity, exploring new avenues, which will become more evident in 2019 via my own releases but also the output of Cosmic Bridge (thinking as it’s curator).

This mix is something of a diagram of the landscape of current music that is important to me both as a DJ and artist, but also a heads up to anyone looking for inspiration, I feel there are nuggets of inspiration in here for potential futures that might be autonomous from any given scene. It is also a showcase of what is to come in 2019 from both myself and the label, in a way a set of ‘frameworks’ for inspiring and forward thinking producers.” – Om Unit

1. Om Unit – The Lake (Samba Remix) (forthcoming Cosmic Bridge)
2. TMSV – Ominous (forthcoming Cosmic Bridge)
3. Krome and Type – New Era (dub)
4. Crypticz – Pathfinder (dub)
5. Om Unit – Righteousness (forthcoming self-release)
6. Fracture – Soundboy Get Nervous (Exit)
7. TMSV – Ego Death (forthcoming Cosmic Bridge)
8. Biome – Yoof (Subp Yao edit) (dub)
9. Om Unit – Shackup (forthcoming self-release)
10. Om Unit – City Lights (forthcoming self-release)
11. OM Unit – Sleeping Dragon (forthcoming self-release)
12. Om Unit – Open Palms Dub (dub)
13. Anna Fruit – Deep Insight (dub)
14. DJ Fultono – Rogan man (forthcoming Exit)
15. DJ Fultono – Melt Into The Floor (forthcoming Exit)
16. Instra:mental – Vicodin (160 edit)
17. Deep Blue – Oceans Above Live (Partisan)
18. Cold Mission – Sound Bizness (Reinforced)
20. Dub Phizix & Fixate – Hotfoot (dub)
21. TMSV – Nobody Asks (forthcoming Cosmic Bridge)
22. Subp Yao – Let Em down (dub)
23. Kusp – Ritual (feat. Rider Shafique) (Detail Recordings)
24. Margari’s Kid – Challenger (forthcoming Cosmic Bridge)
25. Vromm – Decentralized (forthcoming Cosmic Bridge)
26. J:Kenzo – Dub For Bashenga (forthcoming Cosmic Bridge)
27. Rude Operator – Broken Sky (forthcoming Cosmic Bridge)
28. Bop – Untitled Pattern 48 (Med School)
29. Shiken Hanzo – Spiritual Protection (dub)

Fracture 2018Q4

Rounding of the year with the last in my quarterly mix series and a sneak peak of what 2019 will bring. Don’t sleep… don’t dwell… continue the journey…

GRADIENTS VOL 2 out now on @astrophonica https://ift.tt/2LgAELo
SOUNDLY GET NERVOUS out now on @exitrecords smarturl.it/exit081

UK / EU BOOKINGS: danny@earth-agency.com
US / CAN BOOKINGS: sam@rogueagency.us

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