Sun & Bass – 2018

09/09 – La Cinta Beach – Shimon b2b Benny L

09/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – Klute b2b Dom Roland

09/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – Quadrant + Iris

09/09 – Ambra Night Garden – In:Most feat Inja

10/09 – La Cinta Beach – John B (Alt Set)

10/09 – Ambra Night Garden – SS + T.R.A.C

12/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – A Night For Spirit

13/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – Doc Scott b2b dBridge feat Fox, Tyler Daley + DRS

13/09 – Ambra Night Garden – DJ Randall & MC GQ

14/09 – Ambra Night Garden – Nymfo feat  Fava

14/09 – Ambra Day Garden – Phase feat Mota

15/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – ArpXP feat TRAC + Kwality

15/09 – Ambra Night Garden – John B (DnB Set)

15/09 – Ambra Night Garden – Chris.Su

Alibi Guest Mix – BBC Radio 1 Rene Lavice Show 11-12-18

Escute novamente / Listen back!
Alibi in the mix


Alibi – Said and Done feat. DRS [V Recordings]
Alibi – Scuffed [V Recordings]
Alibi – Musihertz feat. Sofi Mari [V Recordings]
Alibi – Smash through the City feat. Serum, L-Side & T.R.A.C. [V Recordings]
Alibi – Directions [Dub]
Alibi – Pull up feat. Takura [V Recordings]
Alibi – Inception VIP [V Recordings]
Vici – Glow (Alibi Remix) [Hyperactivity Music]
Alibi – No Lights feat. MC Fats & T.R.A.C. [V Recordings]
L-Side – High Times feat. Fats [V Recordings]
Dj Andy, Alibi & L-Side – Retaliation feat. MC Carasel [V Recordings]
Alibi – Destiny [V Recordings]
Alibi – Catalyst [Dub]
Alibi – Debris [V Recordings]
Alibi – Make it Real feat. Riya [V Recordings]

Skankandbass on Reprezent – 015 – Upgrade Guest Mix [London Event Special]

Our next London event is 6th February at Corsica Studios with unannounced special guests, Upgrade, Shyun b2b Cruk and Particle b2b Talkre –

Hosted by Seb & Shaneil, Skankandbass is back on Reprezent Radio, this time inviting our London headliner for the guest mix – @upgrade_productions. We also have Tune Of The Moment from Benny L, as well as vintage from the vaults year 2011 and demo delivery from Visages. Join Skankandbass on the first Friday of the month 11pm – 1am – 107.3FM and DAB.

Strictly underground, strictly heads.

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01 Fatboy Slim – Praise You (DJ Marky Remix)
02 Kanine – Calculate [Kanine]
03 Limited – Buss It [Biological Beats]
04 Invadhertz – Basic Form [Drum Army]
05 Forbidden Society – Submersion [FS Recordings]
06 Ethos – Front Row Soldiers (Confusious Remix) [SubSine Records]
07 Klax & Enei – Statik [Critical Music]
08 GreyCode – Saturn [Metalheadz]
09 Picota & Kumbh – Before It Takes Down [Axon Records]
10 RMS – Streets On Lock [Delta9]
11 InsideInfo – Lost It [InsideInfo Music]

12 John Holt – Police In Helicopter (Benny L Remix)

13 The Mouse Outfit feat. IAMDDB & KinKai – Feeling High (Lenzman Remix)
14 Phaela – Afterglow (Lunos Remix) [White Label]
15 Shodan – Oblique [Warm Ears Music]
16 DRS & Skeptical – Forget All This [Space Cadet]


17 Bou – Poison (Shyun Bootleg) [White Label]
18 Cruk – Dum [Skankandbass]
19 Talkre – Machine Code [Overview Music]
20 Particle – Code 3 VIP [Holographic Audio]


21 Enei & Kasra – Projections (Mefjus Remix) [Critical]
22 Exept & Sinic – Kernal Panic [MethLab]
23 Gran Calavera – Panorama (Data 3 Remix) [Addictive Behaviour]
24 Hybris – Beach Meat [Pseudo Science]

25 Seb: Wilkinson – Tonight [Ram Records]
26 Shaneil: Alix Perez – Exemption [Shogun]

27 Ground – Swindle [Invisible]
28 A:MX – Rectine [Dreamers]
29 Voltage ft. Serum – Pitch Forks [Souped Up]
30 T>I – Serve Cold [Natty Dubs]

31 Visages – Abraxas [Skankandbass]

Kije – Data Series 02

Yes yes the second episode of :data series is here. This one was recorded by the one and only Kije, the producer and dj from Russia’s Saint-Petersburg.

You can catch Kije playing at :data on Sat January, 19th @ RNDM Bar / Moscow, Russia.

1. Klax & Enei – Questions
2. Alix Perez – BXL
3. Kije – Stare Into The Sun
4. Submarine – Dive Alarm
5. Icicle & Alix Perez – Live with It
6. SpectraSoul – Organiser (Circuits Rewire)
7. Proxima – Wubba Lubba
8. GROUND – Swindle
9. Signal & Hyroglifics – Make Me Feel
10. Foreign Concept & Halogenix – Waiheke Wine Club
11. Document One – Reaching Out
12. Document One – We Got This
13. Foreign Beggars & Feed Me – 24-7 (Signal Remix)
14. Document One – Cosmic Funk
15. Lavance & Dyrekt – Wookie
16. Data 3 – Komparen
17. Mentah – Hunting Season
18. Kasra – Alburz
19. Klax & Enei – The Prediction
20. Id – Id

Spearhead Podcast Jan 2019

BCee presents the Spearhead Records Podcast – Jan 2019.

1) Low:r – Not For Me
2) BCee – Run For Cover
3) MC Fava – Transatlantic feat. Logistics
4) Saikon – Years Gone By
5) Jonny L – In A Jungle (BCee Remix)
6) Saikon – Subway Writers
7) Low:r – Locked Away
8) MC Fava – We Lose feat. Nymfo
9) Mutated Forms – Flashbacks
10) Redeyes – Makes Me Smile
11) Walk:r – Search For Something
12) Changing Faces – Fractures
13) BCee – Sight Unseen
14) Low:r – Chop Shop
15) Seba – Time Will Tell
16) Walk:r – Smoke & Mirrors
17) BCee – For All You’re Worth
18) Changing Faces – Waves
19) Saikon – Badman Can’t Dance
20) BCee – Fire Fighting

DJ Hype: Drum & Bass Selection 5 (1995)

Classic DJ Hype mix, the mysterious final instalment of the seminal Breakdown Drum & Bass Selection series; the other four are widely available but I’ve never seen this online before.

Had the original cassette of this, and a back-up, both of which got lost during a house move a decade ago, before I had a chance to rip them. Luckily I found a copy on mediafire a few months ago and thought it about time I do you all a favour 🙂

Massive shout to whoever ripped this – if you’d like credit, or to have it taken down, let me know.
Watch the ride… Rinse out!

Side A
Pure – Anything Test (Exclusive Mix)
M.T.S. – Inspiration
The Outlaw – O.G. Call
Run Tings & Liftin’ Spirits – Come Easy (Ant Miles Exclusive Mix)
DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter
Andy C – Change (Liftin’ Spirits Mix)
H.M.P. – Runnin’s
Desired State – Goes Around
The Boogie Down Kru – Boogie Down
Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb (DJ SS Mix)

Side B
The Outsider – The Mash Up
Droppin’ Science – Easy (Vol 6)
L Double – Break It Down
Rude Bwoy Monty – Warp 9 Mr Zulu
DJ Phantasy – 44 Mag
Sound Station – Sound Station
DJ Hype & Ganja Max – Rinse Out
The JB – Back 2 Life (Exclusive Mix)
Bizzy B & Pugwash – Ja
Johnny Jungle – Killa Sound (Krome & Time Remix)

More here
Even more here

Live @ SUNDAE KLUB [9Dec 2018]

A live Drum n Bass mix from SUNDAE KLUB [9th December, 2018 – Adelaide – A.Skillz, JFB, Lickweed] featuring some old school, some new school, some halftime and swing beats, some straight-up DnB, some trappy/dubby vibes and plenty of non-DnB tunes mashed up on the fly.

Cool Hand Flex: Jungle Soundclash Volume 1 – Mix 1 (1994)

One of my fave tapes from back in the days, Cool Hand Flex tearing up a selection of pure junglistic filth. Some superb tunes on this one. Two different studio mixes on this release, same tracks in different order, so put them both up for posterity.
Mix 2 here

Urban Jungle – Back In The Daze (Dub Plate)
Jungle Warrior – No Surrender (Exclusive VIP Mix)
Noise Factory – The Future
DJ Business – Mash-Up
Radical Sound – What Is Love (Exclusive VIP Mix)
Uncle 22 – Six Million Ways 2 Die
Dub Wize – Jungle Techno (Exclusive VIP Mix)
Dub Technicians – Analogue Pressure (Exclusive VIP Mix)
A-Sides – My Mind
Studio 1 – Dancing Feet
Concrete Jungle – Way Down Town (Dub Plate)

More here

Cool Hand Flex: Jungle Soundclash Volume 1 – Mix 2 (1994)

One of my fave tapes from back in the days, Cool Hand Flex tearing up a selection of pure junglistic filth. Some superb tunes on this one. Two different studio mixes on this release, same tracks in different order, so put them both up for posterity.
Mix 1 here

Lionheart – Lion Theme
Concrete Jungle – Way Down Town (Dub Plate)
Studio 1 – Dancing Feet
A-Sides – My Mind
Urban Jungle – Back In The Daze (Dub Plate)
Noise Factory – The Future
Radical Sound – What Is Love (Exclusive VIP Mix)
Jungle Warrior – No Surrender (Exclusive VIP Mix)
Dub Wize – Jungle Techno (Exclusive VIP Mix)
Dub Technicians – Analogue Pressure (Exclusive VIP Mix)
DJ Business – Mash-Up
Uncle 22 – Six Million Ways 2 Die

More here

Mixtape LA: J. Rocc

► Mixtape returns. We’re swapping coasts for Season 2 and calling on some of LA’s finest crate diggers to dip into their collections. Broadcasting every Saturday at 1pm PST from this week onwards.

First up is Stones Throw mainstay and Boiler Room regular J Rocc, delivering a mind-expanding 80 minute set encompassing classic electro, breaks, disco and hip-hop.

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LTJ Bukem: Mixmag Live 21 (1996)

Outstandingly good studio mix from the Bukem – one of the best showcases of this particular DnB era going. Check Roadblock’s page for a load more golden era GLR goodness

Fokus – On Line
Seba & Lotek – Sonic Winds
Funky Technicians – Airtight
Code Of Practice – Can We Change The Future (Sounds Of Life Remix)
PFM – One & Only
Source Direct – Exit 9
JMJ & Richie – Free La Funk (PFM Remix)
Future Bound – Sorrow (Unreleased Mix)
Intense – Breathless
FBD Project – Just Visiting Mars
LTJ Bukem – Music

Grooverider: Jungle Mania 3 (1995)

Badman mixtape from the Rider, used to cane this to the point my tape was too chewed for ripping, luckily another anonymous provider hooked me up 🙂

Soundman & Don Lloydie With Elizabeth Troy – Greater Love
T Power – Chasin’ A Dream
More Rockers – You’re Gonna (Make Me) (Roni Size & DJ Krust Remix)
Undercover Agent – Oh Gosh!
LTJ Bukem – Horizons
Trinity – Gangsta (O J Mix)
L Double – Da Base Too Dark
Loggi – Now That You’re Gone
Sound Of The Future – The Lighter
Prizna – Fire (Original Mix)
Badman – War In ’94 (V.I.P. Mix)
Dream Team – Stamina
DJ Krome & Mr Time – Studio 1 Lik
DJ Rap – Intelligent Woman
Remarc – R.I.P.
DJ Ron – Cannan Land
Deadly D – Listen Dis
Shy FX – Simple Tings

More here

Doc Scott: Mixmag Live 22 (1996)

Following on from Bukem’s volume 21, here’s Doc Scott’s superb effort, nice balance of atmospheric and darker DnB from 1996.

Tychonic Cycle – Jonny L
The Last Day – DJ Krust
Eye of a Needle (Lemon D Remix) – Art of Noise
Re-transitions – Deep Blue and Blame
Life – Decoder
Threshold – Cybotron feat. Dillinja
Metropolis – Adam F
Shadow Boxing – Nasty Habits
Brief Encounter (12 Minutes) – DJ Krust
Trippin’ on Broken Beats (Carlito Mix)- Omni Trio
Circuit Breaker – Decoder
Red Lights – Hokusai
Symbiosis – Jonny L

More here

Romero – Floral (Earl Grey Mix) Free Download

Back in early 2012 my good friend Dominic Stanton (Sonar Circle/Sonar’s Ghost) and I set about creating and commissioning a series of musical tributes to the golden years of drum and bass titled the “Timeline” series. “Floral” was our dedication to tracks from that period like J Majik’s “Lush Life” and Wax Doctor’s “Atmospheric Funk”. Fusing Flora Purim samples over multiple layers of drum loops the result was a pre-liquid jazzy roller.

This track spawned multiple remixes by Earl Grey, Eschaton, Rory McPike (Pickleman/Rings Around Saturn), Pete Rann (Good Looking) as well as an unreleased LTJ Bukem inspired VIP by Dominic.

Earl Grey adopted a percussion heavy spaced out techno approach for his mix. Imagine if Alex Reece produced a drum and bass track for Underground Resistance in the mid nineties and you get an idea what to expect.

Free WAV download.

Mastered by Robbert Peperkamp.

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