Sun & Bass – 2018

09/09 – La Cinta Beach – Shimon b2b Benny L

09/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – Klute b2b Dom Roland

09/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – Quadrant + Iris

09/09 – Ambra Night Garden – In:Most feat Inja

10/09 – La Cinta Beach – John B (Alt Set)

10/09 – Ambra Night Garden – SS + T.R.A.C

12/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – A Night For Spirit

13/09 – Ambra Night Garden – DJ Randall & MC GQ

14/09 – Ambra Night Garden – Nymfo feat  Fava

15/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – ArpXP feat TRAC + Kwality

15/09 – Ambra Night Garden – John B (DnB Set)

Donovan Smith & Illmatika – Live @ Planet V London 13.10.18

Fresh from mixing and featuring on the second volume of Liquid V’s ‘After Party’, Donovan Smith & Illmatika touched down in the second arena of the 25 Years Of V Recordings at The Steel Yard, London.

After Party Vol. 2:

V Recordings:

Mystic State – ‘Connections’ Album Launch Promo Mix went in the mix in anticipation of our upcoming album launch party, which will be on the 23rd Nov at the Jack of Diamonds, Bristol – hosted by our good friends



Subp Yao – Money (Intro)
Mystic State – ?? [Forthcoming The Chikara Project]
Ethos – ?? [Forthcoming The Chikara Project]
Djrum – Waters Rising [R&S]
Mystic State – Circles [Dub]
Roygreen, Protone & Dan Stezo – Fortified [Forthcoming Demand]
Mystic State, Third Degree & Elias – Plateau [The Chikara Project]
Missin – ?? [Forthcoming The Chikara Project]
Ilk – The Sound Of Falling [Narratives]
Eusebeia – Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction [Forthcoming Literature]
Quartz & Survey – Roadblock [Forthcoming Warm Communications]
Mystic State – Sling Blade [Dub]
Bukez Finezt – Under Control (Submarine Remix) [Subway]
Dub Phizix – The Waterboy [Senkasonic]
Mystic State – Whole Half [Flexout Waves]
Jon Casey – Birdbrain [Forthcoming Flexout Waves]
Kolectiv & Medika – Just Because [Forthcoming Diffrent]
Onoe Caponoe – Milkyway 1311 (Djrum Remix) [2nd Drop]
Mystic State – ?? [Forthcoming The Chikara Project]

Rework Podcast 034 — Klax

This months podcast we bring you the talented Klax.

Klax emerged from the thriving Brighton drum and bass scene in 2014. The trio quickly gained prominence with a debut DnB release on Renegade Hardware called ëVendettaí. This forward thinking track caught the ears of several taste-makers in the scene, including Foreign Concept who enlisted them for a collab on his next EP on Critical. The fruit of this joint effort, ëAsk Yourselfí, quickly garnered huge support and was much applauded for it’s musicality and boundary pushing sentiment. Following this, the trio delivered a three tracker for Critical’s digital offshoot Binary, the lead track of which shot to the top three in Beatport’s DnB charts.

Spurred on by this success Klax got in the studio and turned out another EP, this time for Critical:Systems; earning a vinyl release and gaining support from the furthest reaches of the DnB world including early support from Sub Focus and Friction.

Aside from their genre bending remixes of Culprate and Emperor, 2017 has seen the guys first release on Critical proper with the ‘Rekanize’ EP, a diverse 5 tracker that runs the full gamut of DnB. From the sublime liquid of ‘The Sway’, footwork meets jungle of ‘Risk It’ through gritty halftime stepper ‘Rekanize’, and neuro-rave in ‘Fluoro Riddim’, the trio have really made a compelling statement of intent. There last EP “The Lucid” went down like a treat, it featured the fan favourite “Become” with Charli Brix and the title track hit the number one spot on the beatport dnb charts.

1. Klax – Self Loathing ft Illiterate
2. GLXY – Revision
3. Klax x Shyun – Seven Dials
4. Thematic – Before Sunrise
5. Submarine – XERTZ
6. Fearful & Lakeway – Recall
7. The Upbeats & Noisia – Shibuya Pet Store
8. Unglued – Original Selector
9. Klax – Become ft Charli Brix
10. Kyrist – Hoodlum
11. Kasra – Miso
12. Breakage – Tape Bubbler Spesh
13. Whiney & Urbandawn – Loki
14. Sustance – UGLY
15. Black Barrel – Dark Place
16. Lockjaw – Cells (Klax Remix)
17. Gerra & Stone – East Point
18. Ground & Fre4knc – Supul
19. Klax – Lucid
20. Enei – Bag of Raw Meat
21. Imprint – Respect
22. Ilk – The Sound of Falling
23. Deadline – Why You Wanna
24. DOt – Ominous
25. Kasra – Ski Mask
26. Alix Perez – Slink
27. Nymfo – Bullet Train
28. Need For Mirrors – Knot ft DRS
29. Data 3 & Koherent – Latitude
30. Scout 22 – Fallout

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Critical Sound no.60 | Enei | Rinse FM | 07.11.18

For the first time ever Enei hosts the Critical Sound residency on Rinse Fm. Enei does not disappoint.

Check out Enei’s latest ‘faded EP –

Catch the Critical Sound residency on @RinseFM every first Wednesday of the month 11PM – 1AM [GMT] //

Enei online:
Apple Music:

#011 The Ones and Twos on Fresh927 – ctoafn Vinyl Throwback – 081118

ctoafn running the controls on 081118 for The Ones & Twos. Dont get much of a chance to play my old wax so thats exactly what I did. Havent played some of this stuff in 5+ years so was good to dust ’em off. Bit more work to play vinyl and run a desk, do mic duties, run a comp and keep the vinyl running but was totally worth it. That’s barely a dent in the collection so hopefully will get to do this more on the regular. Big ups to all the regulars tuning in!!!

1. The Accidental Heroes (Sonic & Silver) – The Stars Our Destination
2. Deep Blue – The Helicopter Tune (Cause 4 Concern Remix)
3. D Ecco & Sabotage – House Music VIP
4. J Majik – Solarize
5. Marky, XRS & Stamina MC – LK (Original Vocal Mix)
6. Logistics – Uprock
7. High Contrast – The Basement Track
8. J Majik, Wickaman & Gil Felix – Capoeira
9. Cymande – The Message (Ed Rush & Optical Bootleg)

10. Mampi Swift – Hi-Tek (Friction Remix)
11. Sub Focus – Swamp Thing
12. Sub Focus – X-Ray
13. Moving Fusion – Turbulence
14. Keaton & Hive – Bring It On
15. )EIB( – Nitrous (Dillinja Remix)
16. Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria (Pendulum Remix)
17. Roni Size – 26 Bass
18. Roni Size – Feel The Heat
19. Roni Size (Reprazent) – Brown Paper Bag

20. Adam F & M.O.P – Stand Clear (Matrix & Fierce Remix)
21. Mampi Swift – Puppetwalk
22. Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea (Aphrodite Bootleg?)
23. The Insiders – Chicago (or Detroit)
24. Matrix & Futurebound – American Beauty
25. Agent Alvin – Fringe Benefit
26. Chris Su – Solaris VIP

27. Nightbreed – Pack Of Wolves (Pendulum Remix)
28. Ed Rush & Optical – Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix)
29. Capone – Tudor Rose (Shimon Remix)
30. Chase & Status w/ Capleton – Duppy Man
31. Jade? – Pump Friction
32. Sparfunk w/ Joe Solo – Blazin’ Jazz
33. J Majik vs Hatiras – Spaced Invader
34. Moving Fusion – Lazy Bones

Randall – Renegade Selector Series 2 Mix CD – 1994

Track widget embedding disabled.

Dillinja – Deep Love (Remix)
DJ Nut Nut – The Dream
Renegade Feat. Ray Keith – Terrorist (Grooverider Remix)
Harmoney & Extreme – Boo (Exclusive Remix)
Krome & Time – The Licence
Foul Play – Being With You (Van Kleef Remix)
Chimera – Deeper Life
The Dubster – Retreat
DJ Gunshot – Wheel & Deal (Remix)
Roni Size – Timestretch
Dead Dred – Dred Bass (Pa Mix)
Cool Hand Flex – Mercy Mercy (De Underground VIP Mix)

Respect to Thumbzo for the original rip, I must have downloaded this some years back.

Andy C – Pure Rollers – 1996

Track widget embedding disabled.

Here’s a mid-week treat for you, a 1996 mix CD from Andy C. Lovely ’96 style hardstep and jump-up tunes.

Dred Bass – World Of Music (Apollo 13 Remix)
De Elite – Check Dis
The X – New Dawn (Remix)
Marvellous Cain – Roll That Shit
Andy C – Roll On
Swift – Just Roll (VIP Remix)
The Dream Team – 16 Track Ting (Remix)
Serious Intent – Easy Dread
Bonafide – Super Bad
Joint Venture – Take Away
Dynamic Duo – Rolling Number (VIP Remix)
Joker – Tonic’s Jazz Lick
Dynamic Duo – The Ride (Rollers Remix)
Benny Blanko – Remember Me?
L Double & Shy FX – The Shit
Joker – Raw Dogs
Paul Z – Yea
The Darkman – Let’s Roll
Swift – On The Beat
PFunk – PFunk Era

A Clan Called Wu – Enter The Marauders

Da Mystery of Electric Relaxation
Down Ya Neck
Shame On Ya Lyrics
Cash Award
Wu Lives Thru
Ruckus at Midnight
Biko In Da Front
Nuthin Ta Chase
Oh My M.E.T.H.
Tearz On Your Hands
Suckas Be So Simple

November 9, 1993 will forever go down as one of the greatest days in hip hop history. Two of the genre’s most revered albums dropped on the same day: Wu-Tang Clan’s debut ‘Enter The 36 Chambers’, & A Tribe Called Quest’s third LP ‘Midnight Marauders’. I remember riding my bike to the mall, with money I had earned from my after-school job. I had anticipated this day for awhile, and saved up in advance to pick up both CD’s (at that age $40 felt like $500). For the months that followed, both albums fought for playing time on my single-disc CD player. One moment, I was transported to the boulevard of Linden, and the next to the rugged streets of Shaolin. Those albums stayed in my rotation forever (literally).
To mark the 25th anniversary of both LP’s, I thought it might be a good idea to try and take the vocals from Wu-Tang’s album, and blend them over the instrumentals from Midnight Marauders. I wasn’t sure it would work at first, but as is usually the case, inspiration hit at midnight when I was trying to sleep (the coincidence of the timing is not lost on me). A couple of hours later, I managed to pair up every single Wu-Tang vocal with a suitable beat from MM. The intent was not to improve on the originals in any way….that would be impossible, as I consider them both to be perfect bodies of work. Rather, it was about orchestrating a fun concept, and putting a totally new spin on these well-worn classics. The contrast of Wu’s gritty street raps over Tribe’s jazzy production works in a pleasantly unexpected way. Now, I present to you my personal tribute to these legendary groups: A Clan Called Wu “Enter The Marauders”.

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