SpectraSoul – Triple J mix – 2015/08/29


Hayden James – Something about you (SpectraSoul Remix)
Calibre – Bogeyman
LSB – Hideaway
Marcus Intalex & Calibre – Smother
Sampha – Too Much (SpectraSoul Bootleg)
Untitled – Untitled
SpectraSoul – Always
Enei ft Riya – You or Me
Random Movement – Sleazy
Rudimental – Never Let You Go (SpectraSoul Remix)
LSB – Snapfunk
Air K & Cephei – Jaws
DRS ft LSB & Tyler Daley – The View
Eastcolours – Caught Up
Raleigh Ritchie – Bloodsport (SpectraSoul Remix)
Soligen & Type 2 – Can’t Go (Break Remix)
BenZel – Wasted Love (SpectraSoul Remix)
Break – Brand New
Jungle – Platoon (SpectraSoul Remix)
Calibre – Poshboy
SpectraSoul ft Dan Moss – The Mistress


Download here

Substance D

One of my favorite conceptual mixes. Back in late 2007 I was on track to have a new mix cd out by mid 2008 and I was kind of scraping my brain for cool ideas. Then one night after seeing the film “A Scanner Darkly” I knew right then and there that I was going to call my mix “Substance D”. In the film there is a psychoactive drug known as “Substance D”. I figured, why not make it seem like my mix was a new kind of drug, an “audioceutical” that you take by listening to it? I wanted the label art and liner notes to appear to be futuristic drug packaging. Since the music was intended to excite the brain of the listener I decided that a glowing neon color scheme would be appropriate (something essentially the opposite of what most modern medicine packaging looks like). When it came time to make the mix I was struggling with what the first track was going to be. Then one night I literally had a dream that I was going to use the SPKTRM remix of Demo for the intro and voila! That is what I ended up using. It was really cool to be able to get remixes made of some outside the box artists like MSTRKRFT and Meat Beat Manifesto as well (thank you Jack Dangers btw). This mix was supposed to feature a tune by myself and Gridlok called MDMX (which eventually came out in 2014) but we weren’t able to finish it in time for this. For the intro voiceover I was determined to find the most clinical and neutral person I could find and I spent a few months trying to convince Will Lyman (of PBS Frontline) to do it. In the end he refused. So I ended up working with Tom Kane, who has done tons of work including being the announcer for the Academy Awards. He nailed it. I asked my friend Jake (Ewun…now known as Kill The Noise) to add all of the necessary clicks and whirrs and FX you hear in the intro. The liner notes took me ages to work through. And when this was printed up I realized that the bright yellow text was almost impossible to read. The artwork once again was by the amazing Akira Takahashi. All in all a really fun and challenging project and something, in my mind, truly unique.


Dieselboy + Ewun – Warning Label
Demo – Trauma / Cell (SPKTRM Duomix)
Limewax – One Of Them (Current Value Remix)
Technical Itch – Pressure Drop VIP
Technical Itch + Kemal – The Calling (Evol Intent + Ewun Remix)
Psidream – Death Sentence
Freeland – We Want Your Soul (Raiden Remix)
Dieselboy + Evol Intent + Ewun – Midnight Express
SPKTRM – Machine March
Current Value – Fear / Machine (Demo Duomix)
Demo – O.D.
The Upbeats – SFX
Counterstrike – Timewarp VIP
MSTRKRFT – Paris (The Upbeats Remix)
Computer Club – Load Rocket (Gridlok Remix)
Meat Beat Manifesto – Helter Skelter (Evol Intent + Mayhem Remix)
Dieselboy – N/V/D (Counterstrike Zentraedi Remix)

BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix (August 2015)

Pre-order our new album ‘We The Generation’ – out October 2nd:
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This is our Essential Mix broadcasted on BBC Radio 1 on 29th August 2015.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Mikal Exclusive Drum&BassArena Mix

To mark the upcoming release of 2 fresh remixes for Cause4Concern Recordings, Mikal went in on this exclusive mix. We recently caught up with the man himself to chat about the release. Check the interview here: http://ift.tt/1ikKA73


1. Qbig & Zenith B – This is What You Get
2. Mako – The Space Inbetween
3. Hyroglifics – Soundboy (Mtwn Remix)
4. Cause4Concern – Never Acid Again (Mikal Remix)WORLDWIDE RELEASE: 7th Sept. 2015
5. SCAR – Liar (feat. Know Control)
6. Digital – Archive
7. Young G – Voices Of Fear
8. Mikal – Dub Machine
9. Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs Remix
10. Mako – The Gap (Ft Fields)
11. Mikal – At The Controls (Ft Xtrah)
12. Cause4Concern – Night Gasp (Mikal & RIOT Remix)WORLDWIDE RELEASE: 7th Sept. 2015

Memtrix Mini-Mix

You know you’re getting older when the artists you’re watching emerge start to be younger than you are. Some people might find that a bit startling but as long as the talent coming through the ranks is producing music at the quality that Memtrix is we couldn’t care less how old he is.

A prodigious talent hailing from the Garden of England – that’s Kent to you and me – the 19 year old producer has enjoyed an outstanding last 12 months, returning to London imprint Lifted Music for the release of his all conquering Voodoo EP and remixing the likes of Crystal Fighters, Le Castle Vania and Black Sun Empire.

Hooking up with Spor for 2015, he looks well set to carry his momentum through to the colder months of the year with their new collaborative single ‘Darkest Hours’ sure to be soundtracking your night as the mercury begins to fall. “Working with Spor has definitely been an eye opening and insightful experience” he explains via the press release before adding “but I think more than that it was just really fun. It always seems really natural and fluent in the studio and we bounce ideas off eachother really well I think. Obviously it’s an absolute privilege for me to work with such a household name who’s work I respect so much, and this release is something I’m really proud of and excited about.”

With ‘Darkest Hours’ set to arrive September 14th via Sotto Voce and Lifted Music, we invited Memtrix to showcase his skills on the decks for a 30 minute mini-mix guaranteed to get you thawing out those boogying muscles.

Om Unit – Gate 1 – “Sleep/Surrender” (“Gates” mix series)


Part 1/7 – Sleep/Surrender

Gates is a new mixtape series from Om Unit. While drawing on elements familiar to Om Units regular fans and listeners, the series focuses on sonic architecture and listener experience.

There will be seven “Gates”, each exploring a unique and concisely expressed theme and containing music and sounds chosen without the constraints of genre or style.

Gate #1 is “Sleep/Surrender”

Listen & Enjoy


Doc Scott – NTS Radio – 2015/08/28


Calibre – Another
J:Kenzo – ?
Kid Drama – Auto State Of Mind
Sam Binga – Badman Skin
Naibu – Just Like You (Fracture’s Astrophonica Remix)
Overlook & Gremlinz – Dream Logic
Red Army feat. Interline – Solution
Digital & Response – Unrest
Break feat. Singing Fats – Free Your Mind (Dub Version)
Sam Binga & Chimpo – No Messin
Calibre – Bottles & Airports
Tokyo Prose – Intimacy
Enter Shikari – The Bank Of England (Lynx Remix)
SCAR – Caged
SB81 – Sculptures
Hidden Turn – Nothing
Seba – Jungle Music
J:Kenzo – ?
Calibre – Posh Boy
PLK – Umo18c
Hyroglifics – Astraya
Ivy Lab – Sunday Cru
Hidden Turn – This One
Sam Binga – Mind And Spirt
Kid Drama – Mumble
J:Kenzo – Airwalk
Calibre – ?
Fracture feat. Dawn Day Night – Get Busy
The Levels – Remember (Om Unit’s Love Dub)
Overlook – Empires War
dBridge – Metrodone
Breakage – Voyage
RQ – Gloss
Calibre – Love Worn Soul
Breakage – The Shroud
The Levels feat. dBridge – We Could Be


Download here

Blocks & Escher, InsideInfo – BBC Radio 1 – 2015/09/01

Blocks & Escher


Blocks & Escher – Sagan
SB81 – Thud
Matrix – Springbox (Dub Mix)
Blocks & Escher – Somoting Borrowed, Something Blue
Concealed Identity – Levanter
Digital & Spirit – Vision
Jubei & Goldie – The Prayer (Blocks & Escher Remix)
Rhyming in Fives – Into The Sunset



Futurebound & Gridlok – Go Free
Mefjus & InsideInfo – Mythos
Cyantific – No More Heroes
Cynematic – Daytona VIP
Fortran – Sardines (InsideInfo Remix)
InsideInfo – The Plains
InsideInfo & Mefjus – Talisman
Smooth – Drone
TC – Tap Ho
Black Sun Empire & Jade – Deadhouse (InsideInfo & Mefjus Remix)
North Base, ISVK & The Ragga Twins – What R U Doing? (Trei Remix)
Mefjus – Expedition (InsideInfo Remix)
DC Breaks – Mankind VIP
Mefjus & Xtrah – Fever
BMotion – Bear Hug
InsideInfo – Real World (feat. Girl X)
InsideInfo – Mushroom
Camo & Krooked vs. Body & Soul – The Reward
Mefjus, InsideInfo & The Upbeats – Footpath
InsideInfo & Mefjus – Pulsation
Metrik – Drift
Kove – Strellar
LTJ Bukem – Atlantis (DJ Marky & S.P.Y Rework)
InsideInfo – Honey Bee (Audio Remix)
Signs – Acid Test
Mefjus & InsideInfo – Leibniz
InsideInfo – Bottled
Smooth – Cyber Funk
The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot
Noisia – Facade VIP
Moving Fusion – Mystery Stranger
Cyantific – High Water Mark
InsideInfo – Sneaker
BMotion – Bear Hug
InsideInfo – Awkward
BMotion – Ignition
Hybrid Minds – Meant To Be (InsideInfo Remix)
KG – Woodblock Riddim
Mob Tactics – Zodiac
InsideInfo – Metamorphosis (feat. Miss Trouble)
InsideInfo & Smooth – Hear Me Roar VIP
BMotion – Somethin, Something
InsideInfo & Prolix – Transposed
Nero – Do You Wanna
The Prototypes – Abyss 2015
Mob Tactics – Return To The Snitch
Bad Company – Torpedo (InsideInfo Remix)

BBA Podcast 021 feat. Beatski

Beatski began his DJing at illegal rave parties in Melbourne in 1997 and has played at many influential nights such as The Dark Half and Eclipse.He has been a part of BBA since day dot and has supported all the big names in Drum and Bass such as Andy C, LTJ Bukem, DJ Marky, Fabio and Matrix.He still remains an influential figure in the Melbourne Drum and Bass scene, in part due to his successful Saturday night radioshow (Better by the Pound) on PBS FM presented in conjunction with Justin K (from 2004 to 2006).He is now co-presenting (The Blend) which features Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Hip Hop and runs monthly on PBS.

——-Track list ——–

Bering Strait – Apart – Apart EP Apollo
Heart Drive – Empathy Reboot – Pleasure District 003
Caibre – Bogeyman Bullshit – Four:Fit EP 04 Soul:r
Halogenix – Beyond the Bounds – All Blue EP Metalheadz
Calibre – Stranger – Strumpet EP Exit
SpectraSoul – The Mistress (feat. Dan Moss) – The Mistress Shogun Audio
Caibre – Smother Ft. Marcus Intalex & Bricktop – Four:Fit EP 04 Soul:r
Need For Mirrors – Ethos – Blu Mar Ten
Seba – Berberian Sound – Secret Operations
House of Black Lanterns – Truth & Loss (Fracture’s Astrophonica remix)
Calibre – Mr. Maverick – Signature
Mark System – Waiting For A Meaningful Title – Final Approach LP Exit
dBridge – Fate – ?
Lenzman – Just Can’t Take (dBridge Remix) [feat DRS] – Looking At The Stars (The Remixes) Metalheadz
Bungle – Alone – 31 Records

DJ Storm – FABRICLIVE x Metalheadz Mix

Today, the online music portal of Mixmag magazine published an article commemorating some of the women who have shaped and contributed to the progression of electronic music. Taking into account the state of the underground and contemporary clubbing landscape we know today, amongst the various vanguards like Donna Summer and Heather Heart were Metalheadz co-founder and the second to none selector, DJ Storm. Renowned for her a pivotal part in the formation of a subculture fuelled by warehouse raves and momentous soundsystems and her close connoisseurs and fellow Metalheadz operators, Goldie and the late DJ Kemistry, the superbly progressive strain of drum & bass and the unadulterated territories that came with that time were critical in the ever evolving electronic movement. Even now, her role in the scene today is as imperative as ever, representing a label and a sound that’s still flourishing some 25 years later.

A week on Friday Storm will once again link with her Metalheadz crew as the label takes hold of our Room One to toast the launch of label signee Mikal’s debut album. To give us a snippet of what’s in store the DJ aptly dubbed ‘the first lady of drum & bass’ has graciously taken the time to pull together another of her excercises in first class selections in this brand new and exclusive promo mix.

Tickets & info: http://bit.ly/1E85QXo

Drum & Bass Show – BASSO FM with Physics 31/8/2015

Phat Playerz: Crazy Life
Jam Thieves: Do It
Furney: Infographic
Actrasier: Reasons
LJ High: Different World
Jam Thieves: Real Killer
Mr. Joseph: Tape Rock
Physics: Doorbell To Hell
A Sides ft. Mc Fats: Teardown 2k14
Physics: Future Music (Celsius)
Saxxon: High Tide
Physics ft. Dave Ashton: Random Game
Conspire: Foundations
Jam Thieves ft. Combat Collins: Bad Religion
Critycal Dub: Blind Spot
Dave Owen ft. Dorsh: Our Little Secret
Physics: Regrets
Surplus: The Love Beat (Fokuz)
Muffler ft. Sansa: Cant Breathe
Kabuki: Black Byrd
Eastcolors: Lighthouse (Demand Records)
Malaky & Velocity: Midnight
Physics: Far Away
Amaning: Maraka
Physics: When Shes Gone
LJ High: The Ride
Physics: Big D
Nymfo: Drop The Bass
Physics: Rasta
Riya ft. Total Science & Frank Carter II: Confessions
Chase & Staus: Street Life

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