Sun & Bass – 2018

09/09 – La Cinta Beach – Shimon b2b Benny L

09/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – Klute b2b Dom Roland

09/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – Quadrant + Iris

09/09 – Ambra Night Garden – In:Most feat Inja

10/09 – La Cinta Beach – John B (Alt Set)

10/09 – Ambra Night Garden – SS + T.R.A.C

12/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – A Night For Spirit

13/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – Doc Scott b2b dBridge feat Fox, Tyler Daley + DRS

13/09 – Ambra Night Garden – DJ Randall & MC GQ

14/09 – Ambra Night Garden – Nymfo feat  Fava

14/09 – Ambra Day Garden – Phase feat Mota

15/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – ArpXP feat TRAC + Kwality

15/09 – Ambra Night Garden – John B (DnB Set)

15/09 – Ambra Night Garden – Chris.Su

Bryan G & Total Science B2B with MC Blackeye Live @ Spirit Tribute – SUNANDBASS 2018

Words by DJ Storm:
“I never thought I would have had to organise “ A Night for Spirit” but with what has happened & the fact he was my first booking when I was asked to be an honorary curator for the 15th anniversary of Sun & Bass. My heart was heavy but it was my responsibility as Spirit was one of my boys for real!

I want to send a heartfelt thank you to all the artists who stepped up on the night and made it an absolutely fabulous tribute to him and his music… and to you the Sun and Bass crew/ravers thank you for joining us and making every moment memorable we really raised the roof for Spirit.

Sun and Bass had a very special place is in heart. Here are the sets from the night, for all who were there and for those that couldn’t make it… enjoy and pls share at will.”

Note: Due to technical difficulties the recordings of this night are missing Stamina MCs performance

Fabio – Vibration Club – 22nd July 1995


Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction [Metalheadz]
P-Funk – P-Funk Era (dis1iz4yasoul) [Frontline]
PFM – Dreams [Looking Good]
Peshay – Represent [Metalheadz]
Fallen Angels – Taken Over [Creative Wax]
Andy C – Roll On [Ram]
Intense – Breathless [Creative Source]
Aquarius – Drift To The Centre [Looking Good]
The Terrorist – Sing Time (A) [Dread]
Doc Scott – Far Away (Fourteen Flavours Of Funk) [Metalheadz]
S.O.S. – Space Funk [Timeless]
DJ SS – Black (A) [Formation]

MethLab Mix // Lewis James

MethLab Mix // Lewis James

For our first mix of the year, we’ve invited Lewis James to deliver a vision his dynamic and intricate sound. A prolific artist, committed to exploring sonic territories that genuinely excite him, his creations tread the line between sublime and impactful.

To bring the unique sound of Lewis James your event contact:

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Biotic Podcast 007 – 2018 Session Tapes Volume 03 – Indidjinous

The Biotic crew have been busy in session throughout the year with a brand new production concept. Live group sessions where artists collaborate and make music to a brief, with specified concepts, mandatories and time constraints. With over 100 challenges complete, we now bring a glimpse of future Biotic to you through this series of podcasts: The Biotic Session Tapes.

This Session: Indidjinous

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Biotic Podcast 008 – 2018 Session Tapes Volume 04 – Scythe

The Biotic crew have been busy in session throughout the year with a brand new production concept. Live group sessions where artists collaborate and make music to a brief, with specified concepts, mandatories and time constraints. With over 100 challenges complete, we now bring a glimpse of future Biotic to you through this series of podcasts: The Biotic Session Tapes.

This Session: Scythe

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Grooverider – Club Extreme ‘A New Creation’ – 19th March 1993


Johnny Jungle – Johnny (Slipmaster J Mix) [Dee Jay]
Lewi Cifer – Heat (Mix 2) [Daddy Armshouse]
The Untouchables – Dont Be Afraid (Arfa G’s Happy Mix) [Tough Toonz]
Tom And Jerry – Cat Got Your Tongue [Tom & Jerry]
Gappa G & Hyper Hypa – Rhythum Meets Bassline [Ruff Kut!]
Wots My Code – Dubplate (Simply Rolling Remix) [Advance]
Jim Polo & Neil Vass – Underground Feeling [Dark Horse]
DJ Hype – Weird Energy (Hells’ Bells Mix) [Suburban Base]
4 Hero – The Elements (Fire & Water Remix) [Reinforced]
Bizzy B & Peshay – Itch It Up Mi Selector [Brain]
Sacred – Do It Together (Remix) [Pursuit]
Doc Scott – V.I.P. Drumz [Metalheadz]
Old Trainers EP – Side B1 [Not On Label – 77777]
4 Hero – In The Shadow Part III (The Stalker Remix) [Reinforced]
Internal Affairs – Find A Way [Reinforced]
Jonny L – Hurt You So (S&M Mix) [Yo!Yo!]
The Anthill Mob – Black Rushin’ [Anthill]
Beyond The Future – Warped Science [Paradise]
Noise Factory – Breakage #4 [3rd Party]
Internal Affairs – In My Soul [Reinforced]
Smith Inc. featuring Simon Bassline Smith – Music & Life (Remix) [Absolute 2]
Slipmaster J – Thinn Air EP (B) [Pure White]
G. Cheung – Khaos [Reflective]

Noisia Radio S05E03

Noisia Radio this week: ‘Kuru’ by Signs, taken from their last (ever) EP, out January 25th on Division. More new music by The Caracal Project, Klax & Enei, Rizzle, Simula, MISSIN & Abis, LEVITATE and more. :heart:

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The Caracal Project – Go Get Some [NËU]
Signs – Kuru [DIVISION]
Klax & Enei – Statik [CRITICAL]
Rockwell – Waiting 4 [OBSOLETE MEDIUM]
Simula – The Shrouded Path [SIMULA]
Rizzle – Murderous [INVISIBLE]
Skeptical – Freudian Slip [EXIT]
Felix – 4Grantd [DIVISION]
Malux – Alien Forces [GET HYPE]
Emperor & Foreign Concept – Easton Ritual [CRITICAL]
Survey – Basic Motion [DISPATCH]
Moody Good – Satoshi Nakamotu [SOUNDCLOUD]
MISSIN & Abis – Hurt [DIVIDID]
AC13 – Exodus [SOULVENT]
Tsuruda – Do Something [COURTEOUS FAMILY]
Beta 2 & Zero T – Amalfi [DISPATCH]
Halogenix – Yellow Yellow [CRITICAL]
DLR – The Grip (Ft. Ant TC1) [DISPATCH]
NC-17 – Jugular Ft. Black Opps [REBEL MUSIC]

EATBRAIN Podcast 082 by Rido & Counterstrike

/ artists


/ label

/ tracklist
Rido – Stranger
S.P.Y. – Rock Da House
Synthakt – Alnilam
Sinister Souls – Involuntary Suicide
Misanthrop & Synergy – Slap The Ghost
Qo & Computerartist – Down(Rido Rmx)
Task Horizon – Taserface
Synthakt & Counterstrike – Particle Radiation
Noisia & Upbeats – Shibuya Pet Store
Synthakt & Counterstrike – Draj
Sinister Souls ft Gein & Bratkilla – Parasite Bandit VIP
Neonlight – Bitcoin
Ekko & Sidetrack – Black Stone
Limewax, Thrasher, Switch Technique & Dieselboy – Spicy Boiz
Counterstrike – Demon Core
Rido & Joe Ford – Blueprint
Malux & Crissy Criss & Erb n Dub – Shockwave
3RDKND – Panger
Counterstrike – On Fire
Rido & Counterstrike – Da F_k
Redpill – Get on it
Sinister Souls – Kick Snare
Counterstrike – Mindfuck (Donny remix)
Rido – Unity
Misanthrop – Blured
Hallucinator & Gridlok – No Escape
Synthakt – Dusty Planets
Rido & Counterstrike – Let It Roll(special Edit)
Current value – Impact
Task Horizon – Interlinked
Counterstrike – AI
Exept & Missin – Something You Are
Rido – Agony
Rido & Jade – Maze

In Session: Kasra

Kasra is a pioneer in the drum ‘n’ bass scene. The Londoner is committed to showcasing new mutations of the genre at clubs across the world and via his record label of 16 years, Critical. Having scored some of the biggest shows on the d’n’b circuit and fostered a new generation of artists who are very much pushing things forward, he turns his attention to our In Session mix.

Alibi Guest Mix – BBC Radio 1 Rene Lavice Show 11-12-18

Escute novamente / Listen back!
Alibi in the mix


Alibi – Said and Done feat. DRS [V Recordings]
Alibi – Scuffed [V Recordings]
Alibi – Musihertz feat. Sofi Mari [V Recordings]
Alibi – Smash through the City feat. Serum, L-Side & T.R.A.C. [V Recordings]
Alibi – Directions [Dub]
Alibi – Pull up feat. Takura [V Recordings]
Alibi – Inception VIP [V Recordings]
Vici – Glow (Alibi Remix) [Hyperactivity Music]
Alibi – No Lights feat. MC Fats & T.R.A.C. [V Recordings]
L-Side – High Times feat. Fats [V Recordings]
Dj Andy, Alibi & L-Side – Retaliation feat. MC Carasel [V Recordings]
Alibi – Destiny [V Recordings]
Alibi – Catalyst [Dub]
Alibi – Debris [V Recordings]
Alibi – Make it Real feat. Riya [V Recordings]

Skankandbass on Reprezent – 015 – Upgrade Guest Mix [London Event Special]

Our next London event is 6th February at Corsica Studios with unannounced special guests, Upgrade, Shyun b2b Cruk and Particle b2b Talkre –

Hosted by Seb & Shaneil, Skankandbass is back on Reprezent Radio, this time inviting our London headliner for the guest mix – @upgrade_productions. We also have Tune Of The Moment from Benny L, as well as vintage from the vaults year 2011 and demo delivery from Visages. Join Skankandbass on the first Friday of the month 11pm – 1am – 107.3FM and DAB.

Strictly underground, strictly heads.

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01 Fatboy Slim – Praise You (DJ Marky Remix)
02 Kanine – Calculate [Kanine]
03 Limited – Buss It [Biological Beats]
04 Invadhertz – Basic Form [Drum Army]
05 Forbidden Society – Submersion [FS Recordings]
06 Ethos – Front Row Soldiers (Confusious Remix) [SubSine Records]
07 Klax & Enei – Statik [Critical Music]
08 GreyCode – Saturn [Metalheadz]
09 Picota & Kumbh – Before It Takes Down [Axon Records]
10 RMS – Streets On Lock [Delta9]
11 InsideInfo – Lost It [InsideInfo Music]

12 John Holt – Police In Helicopter (Benny L Remix)

13 The Mouse Outfit feat. IAMDDB & KinKai – Feeling High (Lenzman Remix)
14 Phaela – Afterglow (Lunos Remix) [White Label]
15 Shodan – Oblique [Warm Ears Music]
16 DRS & Skeptical – Forget All This [Space Cadet]


17 Bou – Poison (Shyun Bootleg) [White Label]
18 Cruk – Dum [Skankandbass]
19 Talkre – Machine Code [Overview Music]
20 Particle – Code 3 VIP [Holographic Audio]


21 Enei & Kasra – Projections (Mefjus Remix) [Critical]
22 Exept & Sinic – Kernal Panic [MethLab]
23 Gran Calavera – Panorama (Data 3 Remix) [Addictive Behaviour]
24 Hybris – Beach Meat [Pseudo Science]

25 Seb: Wilkinson – Tonight [Ram Records]
26 Shaneil: Alix Perez – Exemption [Shogun]

27 Ground – Swindle [Invisible]
28 A:MX – Rectine [Dreamers]
29 Voltage ft. Serum – Pitch Forks [Souped Up]
30 T>I – Serve Cold [Natty Dubs]

31 Visages – Abraxas [Skankandbass]

Kije – Data Series 02

Yes yes the second episode of :data series is here. This one was recorded by the one and only Kije, the producer and dj from Russia’s Saint-Petersburg.

You can catch Kije playing at :data on Sat January, 19th @ RNDM Bar / Moscow, Russia.

1. Klax & Enei – Questions
2. Alix Perez – BXL
3. Kije – Stare Into The Sun
4. Submarine – Dive Alarm
5. Icicle & Alix Perez – Live with It
6. SpectraSoul – Organiser (Circuits Rewire)
7. Proxima – Wubba Lubba
8. GROUND – Swindle
9. Signal & Hyroglifics – Make Me Feel
10. Foreign Concept & Halogenix – Waiheke Wine Club
11. Document One – Reaching Out
12. Document One – We Got This
13. Foreign Beggars & Feed Me – 24-7 (Signal Remix)
14. Document One – Cosmic Funk
15. Lavance & Dyrekt – Wookie
16. Data 3 – Komparen
17. Mentah – Hunting Season
18. Kasra – Alburz
19. Klax & Enei – The Prediction
20. Id – Id

Spearhead Podcast Jan 2019

BCee presents the Spearhead Records Podcast – Jan 2019.

1) Low:r – Not For Me
2) BCee – Run For Cover
3) MC Fava – Transatlantic feat. Logistics
4) Saikon – Years Gone By
5) Jonny L – In A Jungle (BCee Remix)
6) Saikon – Subway Writers
7) Low:r – Locked Away
8) MC Fava – We Lose feat. Nymfo
9) Mutated Forms – Flashbacks
10) Redeyes – Makes Me Smile
11) Walk:r – Search For Something
12) Changing Faces – Fractures
13) BCee – Sight Unseen
14) Low:r – Chop Shop
15) Seba – Time Will Tell
16) Walk:r – Smoke & Mirrors
17) BCee – For All You’re Worth
18) Changing Faces – Waves
19) Saikon – Badman Can’t Dance
20) BCee – Fire Fighting

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