Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Live & Direct 1 Year Special

Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Live & Direct 52 -1 Year Special

So we made it – 12 months/ 1 Year of Live & Direct Shows.

Big thanks to everyone working helping to make the show what its been, an incredible journey. Shouts to Mark Brothwood, Jay Cunning, Steve Akomplis, Any Dee. Big shouts to everyone thats locked in – Hope you enjoyed the ride!!

“Live & Direct” Facebook Live Stream

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Spotify Playlist Updated Weekly sptfy.com/Xb8

TRACKLIST supplied by Mark Brothwood

Hugh Hardie – Hospitality Garden Party – 2018/07/29



Hugh Hardie – Emerald City (feat. Pola & Bryson)
Bert H – Bring Away
Anile – Allergens (Bop Remix)
Pola & Bryson feat. Sammie Bella – Run From You (Hugh Hardie Remix)
Commix – Painted Smile
Technimatic – Bristol (Break Remix)
? – ?
? – ?
? – ?
Critical Impact feat. MC Carasel – Headtop Champion
Calyx & Teebee – Elevate This Sound (? Remix)
Enei ft. DRS – The Process
Hugh Hardie – Light It Up
? – ?
Die & Break – Tear Down
Mark System – You Gave Up My Love
Sam Binga – Mind & Spirit (Breakage Remix)
Hugh Hardie – Sound System Dub
DJ Nut Nut feat. Top Cat – Special Dedication (Sigma Remix)
S.P.Y – Alone In The Dark
Hugh Hardie – Wide Eyes
Hugh Hardie – Love Troubles
Logam & Equivalent – Star Dust
Dr Meaker – Fighter (Unreal Remix)
dBridge – True Romance
Sub Focus – Druggy
Friction feat. Total Science – Scatter
Foreign Concept feat. Fox – Skit City
Rhythm Riders – Give Me A Sign (Bladerunner Remix)
Silence Groove – Higher
Eastcolors – Keys
Goldie – I Adore You

Chris.SU – Live at Bladerunnaz pres. Friday 11-08-2017

Here’s a set from a few weeks ago recorded live at Bladerunnaz pres. Friday 11-08-2017. Summer vibes with some liquid dnb! Enjoy! 🙂

Chris.SU – Live at Bladerunnaz pres. Friday 11-08-2017

01. J Majik – Your Sound (2017 Remaster)
02. Rufige Kru – Beachdrifta
03. Photek – Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu
04. Saxxon ft. Regina – Daylight
05. DJ Patife and David WS ft. MC Fats – The Vibe Is Comin’
06. Chris.SU ft. Fedora – Without You (Liquid Mix)
07. Pharrell Williams – Happy (Makoto 170 Edit)
08. L-Side – What You Say
09. Seba ft. Robert Manos – Cold Spring
10. Bad Company UK – True Romance
11. Chris.SU ft. Mira – Together In The Night
12. Hybrid Minds – Felicity
13. Technimatic – Bristol (Break Remix)
14. Boston – Know Your Roots
15. Philth ft. Collette Warren – Dont Let Go
16. DJ Patife and Vangeliez – Flying High
17. Tokyo Prose & LSB ft. DRS – Sunsets
18. Technimatic ft. Lucy Kitchen – Looking For Diversion VIP
19. Calibre – Fire & Water
20. Capone – Friday
21. Enei ft. DRS – The Process
22. Document One – How Low Can You Get?
23. Frankee – Skuttle
24. Total Science Hydro & War – Straight G
25. Dillinja – All Aboard
26. Ed Rush & Optical – Medicine (Matrix Remix)
27. Kemal – Animation
28. Tactile – The Mist

DNB Dojo Podcast #10 – Aug 2017

Another month has rolled by so blog owner Hex is back on the platters that matter with a fresh mix of all the latest D&B. This mix includes cuts from Brain Crisis & Kije, Kit Curse, Frederic Robinson, 1991, Lockjaw and many more with beats spanning liquid, techstep, halftime, 160 jungle and much much more. There are also cuts from Nurtured Beatz Grenfell LP, the proceeds of which will go to survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster in London, so please do head over to their Bandcamp store (http://ift.tt/2vYVn0v) to pick that up and benefit a really vital cause.

Yung-E & Spindall – Hollowness (feat. Slippy Skills) [Nurtured Beatz // Grenfell LP]
Mystic State & Third Degree – Under The Shadow [Addictive Behaviour]
Skorpion – Phoenix [Modular Carnage]
GLXY – Bloo [Soulvent]
Lurk – Eustachian [Infidelity]
Droptek – Inject [Monstercat]
Murdock & Doctrine – Planet Rock Riddim [Dispatch LTD]
OneMind – Pullup [Metalheadz]
Bobby – Age of Ether [Othercide]
Total Science, Hydro & War – Denial [CIA]
Ding – Bolt [Tesseract]
Missing – Losing [Subplate]
Midn8Runner – Infinity [Bay 6 Recordings]
Brain Crisis & Kije – Wassup [Plasma Audio]
Corrupted & Hexoto – Shibui [Flexout]
Whiney & Lakeway – Last Contact [Med School]
inZtance & Laura James – Fool’s Gold (Bone Remix) [Through Sounds]
Owneath – Bad Rhythm [Terra Null]
Frederic Robinson – Flare [Hospital]
Akomplis & Objectiv – Into You [Fragmented]
Quentin Hiatus – Magnetic Blast [Free Love Digi]
Twintone – Halflife [Beat Spectrum]
D-Struct – Activation [Onset Audio]
Inward, Hanzo & Randie – Ion Jam [Cause4Concern]
Mikal – Realtime [Warm Comms]
Octahound – Glimmer [Terabyte]
Need For Mirrors – Ethos (Spirit Remix) [Blu Mar Ten]
Newcaise – Feeling Alive [Default]
Allied & Lockjaw – Flow State [Concussion]
Kiril – No Fightin’ [Critical]
Lockjaw – A Moment of Clarity [Locked Concept]
Kit Curse – Übertrieben (feat. Al Mightee) [Ronin Ordinance]
Pola & Bryson – Hyperborean (feat. Data 3) [Shogun]
1991 – VHS [1991]
Redemptive – Lucid Voyage [Nu Venture]
Darkgray Heart – Eat What You Kill [Onset Audio]
Lizard – Stabbing [The Dreamers]
Clothercutter – No Good [Party Guy]
Aggregate Culture – Ambiguity [Downtime]
Sourpuss – Dance Music [Reform Music]
Django Mankub & Chester P – E.N.E.R.G.Y. [Nurtured Beatz // Grenfell LP]

Ant TC1 – Guest Mix for Friction BBC Radio 1 (22.08.2017)

1: One Mind: Early Daze
2: Krust: Jazz Note
3: PFM: The One & Only
4: D.O.P.E.: Travelling Part 2
5: Alex Reece: Basic Principles
6: Nice & Fierce: Crystal
7: Doc Scott: Blue Skies
8: Grooverider: Sinister (The Influence Remix)
9: Wax Doctor: The Step
10: DJ Die: Autumn
11: Goldie: Still Life & Rider’s Ghost VIP
12: Bodysnatch: Euphony (Just For You London)
13: Dillinja: Music
14: Deep Blue & Blame: Re-Transitions
15: Digital: Deadline
16: Doc Scott: It’s Yours
17: DJ Rap: Spiritual Aura
18: L Double & Liccle D: Runnin’ For Years (Rasta Sound)
19: Commix: Belleview
20: Special Forces: Exocet



Special Mix: Notting Hill Carnival Mixtape by Pull Up!

A four piece DJ collective consisting of GULLY B, ANDY A, J BARRETTA, and STONEFISH. The ‘Pull Up Raves Crew’ are Essex’s only club night for global Carnival music.

Tracklist: http://ift.tt/2vmn8wk

Follow Us:
Spotify: https://goo.gl/p1gaWy
YouTube: https://goo.gl/3JmFbF
Facebook: https://goo.gl/ZAsYwY
Twitter: https://goo.gl/o1ZF3P
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Snapchat: datatrans

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DLR – Star Warz x Bassic Agency Mix

Star Warz presents The Bassic Agency takeover,

A Drum ‘n’ Bass concept by Mr. M & One87,

Saturday 07/10/2017, Vooruit Gent.

Line-up (in alphabetical order) >>>



Dom & Roland




MC Mush

Nmber 8



Dj Randall




More info:

Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio August 20th 2017

Dream – Forgotten Souls
Doc Scott – Last Action Hero (Paradise Lost)
Waterproof – Ain’t No Way
Krome & Time – Ruffneck Scouts (DJ Dextrous Remix)
Akustik Research – Original Silencer
Mystical – Mystic Vibes
Original Substitute – Fall Down On Me
Phineus II – ??
Cool Hand Flex – Mars (Uncle 22 Remix)
Dwarde, Gand & Tim Reaper – ??
Flynn & Flora – String 4 String
Dillinja – Soverign Melody
Opium & Formula 7 – Soundboy
Desired State – Goes Around (Remix)
DJ Mayhem – M-Power
Omni Trio – Soul Promenade
Wax Doctor – Logical Progression
Kid Lib – ??
G-Force, Ils & Juice – Give Me More
Chaos & Julia Set – Fear The Future (Original Chaos Mix)
ST Files – ST Files Part 1
Klute – F.P.O.P.
?? – ??
Tim Reaper – Magic Tonight (Dwarde Remix)

Kissy Sell Out – 3000 Bass Exclusive Mix 087

We have the pleasure of presenting to you a great exclusive mix from a name that has been synonymous with bass music for some time, Kissy Sell Out.
After 11 years in the music game, Kissy Sell Out continues to be one of the most unique players in the British dance music scene. Having made his name by mixing records for Gwen Stefani, Calvin Harris, Mark Ronson, Sugababes, Groove Armada, Human League and Chromeo when he was only 21 years old and still studying his first degree at London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, his name exploded across the global festival circuit with his frantic and electrifying DJ style, leading him onto hosting one of the most popular specialist shows in BBC Radio 1 history, the “Kissy Klub”.

As of 2017, Kissy heads up the new house and bassline garage label Stepper Man. The launch of the label exceeded all expectations early on when the second release received over 3 million plays on Facebook after Kissy uploaded his self-made promo video utilising his pre-music background as a graphic designer. With this label Kissy continues to release music under his own name, as well as using the moniker KSO to write more experimental techno and bassline garage tracks.

Stream/download this mix exclusively from 3000 Bass.

For more from Kissy Sell Out, please go to:

Track List:
KSO – Nasty [Stepper Man] **EXCLUSIVE**
Stylo G feat. Chip – Yu Zimme (Mofaux Remix – Kissy Re-Edit)
Official Nancie – Blind Vision (Aftermath Dub) [Stepper Man] **EXCLUSIVE**
Jax Jones – You Don’t Know Me (Acapella)
Sammy Virji – Know (Kissy Re-Edit)
Hugo Massien – No Return (Kissy Re-Edit)
Kissy Sell Out – Heart Strings ft. Sofia Vago (Sirmo Remix – Kissy Re-Edit) [Stepper Man]
DJ Zinc X Chris Lorenzo – Gammy Elbow (Kissy Re-Edit)
Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Rich Pinder & DJOKO Garage Mix – Kissy Re-Edit) [White]
Nu Era – First Contact [Four40]
Sammy Virji – Do Me A Favour (Kissy Re-Edit) [Chip Butty Records]
Jaimeson – True X Notion – Massive & Crew (Kissy Re-Edit)
Zinc X Mary J Blige – Nexx X Family Affair (Kissy Re-Edit)
PVC – The Preacher (Kissy Re-Edit) [Stepper Man]
Route 94 – Dark Keyless (Kissy Re-Edit)
Luis Bacalov & Edda Dell’Orso – His Name Is King (Kissy Re-Edit) [White]
Stormzy – Big For Your Boots (LO’99 Remix – Kissy Re-Edit)
PVC – Walking With Rhinos (VIP – Kissy Re-Edit) [White]
Conducta & Deadbeat UK – Hurt Me (Notion Remix – Kissy Re-Edit) [2-Tone Entertainment]
Henryk Górecki – Symphony No 3 Op 36 (K.S.O. Intro Edit)
Jona – Learning From Mistakes (Kissy Re-Edit) [Get Physical]
Distro – Rap Money (Kissy Re-Edit)
Kissy Sell Out – Sweet Toy V.I.P. [Stepper Man] **EXCLUSIVE**
Sirmo – Badman (Kissy Re-Edit) [Stepper Man]
TRC – Lost Souls (Kissy Re-Edit)
DJ Zinc X Jack Beats – The Anvil (Kissy Re-Edit)
Kings of Rhythm – Bomb Da Loop X Holy Goof – Cheatin’ (Kissy Re-Edit)
DJ Direct – Riko’s Revenge (Kissy Re-Edit) [White]
DJ Q – Rocky (Kissy Re-Edit)
KSO – Super Tough [Illegal Bass] **EXCLUSIVE**
Ill Phil & Lorenzo – You’ve Got The Love (Kissy Re-Edit)
Mike Metro & Torren Foot – Crenshaw (KSO Edit) [Medium Rare]
Mr Virgo – Hypnotic VIP [White]
Notion & Holy Goof – Sweet Talk (VIP – Kissy Re-Edit) [White]
Notion – The Otherside (Kissy Re-Edit)
P Money – Nah Nah G (J.G Remix – Kissy Re-Edit) [White]
Labrynth – Earthquake (Sinful Sessions Remix – Kissy Re-Edit)
Ussy X Jack Junior – Always (Kissy Re-Edit) **EXCLUSIVE**
Gettoblaster – Finger Bang (Kissy Sell Out Remix) [We Jack]

Critical Music #DNB60 | Mixed by Enei | BBC Radio 1 (Friction D&B Show) | August 2017

Listen back to Enei in the mix for Critical for the #DNB60 takeover on Friction’s BBC Radio 1 D&B show.

Show first recorded 14th August 2017

Check out Enei’s next single (out 25th August): http://ift.tt/2uOGjiL

01. InsideInfo – 2 Minds [Viper]
02. Rizzle – Riot [Dispatch LTD]
03. Kiril – Minimal Instinkt [Binary]
04. Urbandawn – Like What [Hospital Records]
05. QZB – WYGD [Critical Music]
06. Kasra & Enei – Inside The Box [Critical Music]
07. Break – Cold Sweat [Critical Music]
08. DLR & Quadrant – Ghostfish [Dispatch]
09. Mefjus & Kasra – Decypher [Critical Music]
10. Foreign Concept – Mob Justice [Critical Music]
11. M-Zine & Scepticz, Bredren – Handsel [Dispatch LTD]
12. Shy Fx – Bambaata [Ebony Recordings]
13. DLR & Hoppa feat. Gusto – Who Let You In [MAC 2]
14. Foreign Concept – Breaking Again (feat. Naomi Olive) [Critical Music]
15. Halogenix & Monty – Old Town [Critical Music]
16. Break – Solvent [A R Records]
17. QZB – Apollo [Critical Music]
18. Enei – Trainsition [Critical Music]
19. Brain Crisis & Kije – Wassup [Unsigned]
20. Halogenix – Blej [Critical Music]
21. Enei – Easter Island [Critical Music]
22. Mikal – Broadwalk [Dispatch]
23. Total Science – Street Level [Renegade Hardware]
24. Current Value – Leave Behind [Critical Music]
25. Enei, Eastcolors & Noel – Cracker – Remastered [Critical Music]
26. Ill Truth & Defex – Too Late [Techmique Recordings]
27. S.P.Y – Losin Sleep [Hospital]
28. Ordure – Strike [Blackout Music NL]
29. Sam Binga – Run The Dance (Enei Remix) [Critical Music]
30. Nucleus & Paradox – 12 Bits (Mako Breakout Remix) [Metalheadz]
31. Liftin Spirits – Going On [Liftin’ Spirit Records]
32. Ewol – Short Attack [Lifestyle Music]
33. Alix Perez & Spectrasoul – The Need [1985 Music]

FB: http://ift.tt/VrOrj1
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/eneimusic

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