Shambhala 2019 Mix Series – Ivy Lab

2 years ago we came to the Grove on the most fleeting of visits, hardly having a chance to even cool down from post-show-adrenaline before rushing off to another tour stop. We ain’t messing about with any of that lark this year . We’re on site from start till finish, soaking up the spectacle, transitioning from performer to audience member and back again as fully invested witnesses to one of the most celebrated gathering anywhere in the continent. Gassed is an understatement.

1/ Ivy Lab – “Stars”
2/Julo – “Temp”
3/ no puls & Aztek – “Ooobahting”
4/ Drae Da Skimask – “PHB”
5/ Ivy Lab – “Lullaby”
6/ Ivy Lab “Untitled”
7/ Tommy Genesis – “Tommy”
8/ Ivy Lab – “Untitled”
9/ Dolenz – “BBoxyrama”
10/ Lil Wayne – “Uproar” (Andre Palace remix)
11/ Ivy Lab – “Untitled”
12/ Tsuruda – “Dragon of the Darkness Flame”
13/ Ivy Lab & Two Fingers – “Orange”
14/ L-Zee Roselli – “Make them see the Devil”
15/ Up High Collective x Vorace – “Helophïo’s Hunt”
16/ Julo – “Gutter Slither”
17/ Ivy Lab & Barclay Crenshaw – “Betty White”
18/ Eun – “Clear”
19/ Up High Collective x Vorace – “King Consom”
20/ Ivy Lab – “Untitled’
21/ Mono/Poly – “Teach you all a Lesson”
22/ dBridge – “Nacthlus (Fear Ratio Remix)
23/ Mono/Poly – “Stackin Ones”
24/ no puls – “Jukeflook”
25/ Casisdead – “The Code”
26/ Ic3peak – “Грустная сука”
27/ Up High Collective x Vorace – “Binomium”
28/ Tiedye Ky – “Chain Smoking in LAX” ft. Mindset
29/ The Northaze – “DayTwoRescue”
30/ Untitld – “Tequila”
31/ Ivy Lab – “All Day Swimming”
32/ Ivy Lab – “When I Go”

Skankandbass On Reprezent – 021 – Grafix Guest Mix

Hosted by Seb & Shaneil, Skankandbass is back on Reprezent Radio. We have one of our favourites, Grafix, on guest mix duties, as well as ‘Tune Of The Moment’ from Skepitcal and a brand new tracklist with our favourite tracks over the last month. Join Skankandbass on the third Monday of every month 9pm – 1pm – 107.3FM and DAB.


01 Chemical Brothers – Swoon (Grafix Bootleg)
02 Unglued & Phace – Malware [Hospital]
03 Neve & Fractale – Believe [Unchained]
04 Monty – Hello [1985 Music]
05 Ill Truth & Bluejay – Eazy Rider [Lifestyle]
06 Sl8r & RMS – Ruff Neck Cru [Delta9]
07 Alibi – Catalyst [V Recordings]
08 Need for Mirrors & DRS – Fleeky [31 Recordings]
09 InsideInfo – Found It [InsideInfo Music]

10 Skeptical – Musket [Musket]

11 LSB – Swerved [Symmetry]
12 OaT – Fever [Drum Army]
13 Macca & Loz Contreras – The Dream [Spearhead]
14 Henry Fullalove – Wherever You Are [Glitch Audio]
15 Charli Brix – Say No More [Flexout]
16 Kanine – What I Said [Drum&Bass Arena]
17 Dave Owen – If U Still Care [Soul Trader]
18 Tweakz – Eyes Of June [Delta9]
19 Air_K & Cephei – Reflections [Integral]

Grafix Guest Mix

20 Chaka Demus – Forward & Pull Up (Urbandawn Remix) [Hospital]
21 Stimpy – Simple World [Citate Forms]
22 Document One – 1964 [Shogun Audip]
23 Bou – Spook [Souped Up]
24 A.M.C – Instigator [Energy]
25 Sl8r – Immune [Chronic]
26 Enei ft. Jakes – Pay The Cost [Critical]
27 Quadrant, Iris & Ulterior Motive – Intuition [Guidance]
28 Upgrade ft. Bassman – Real [Low Down Deep]
29 Breakage – Stannup

30 Confusious – Quick Step [Skankandbass]

Tiefklang Podcast 015 mixed by Silvahfonk (Blendits Audio)

∞ Tiefklang Podcast 015 mixed by Silvahfonk (Blendits Audio)

The world of drum and bass knows many good DJs or better say DJs who started producing and because they were booked they started DJing aswell, out of the necessarity. There is a small amount of another kind of DJs doing quite the same job in general, but with that tiny but huge difference of being a DJ in first position and getting on that producing aspect, perhaps as a logical consequence of mixing tunes of other artists for years.
Don’t get me wrong there are many really talented people out there who do it quite the opposite and were producer in first place but there are really a minority in a sea full of Drum and Bass DJs.
We proudly present the 15th temptation of our podcast, this time curated by nothin’ less than one of those DJs I mentioned above, the dutch mixing machine Mr. Silvahfonk himself.
This guy really counts to the Top 10 DJs in the world and you can try yourself by searching the web, you will rarely find mixes of him which makes this even more special to some of you, I know this.
So you have to enjoy this beauty while it’s hot!

▶ Tracklist:

• Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Oxygen [CX Digital]
• Alibi – The Hornet [V Recordings]
• Fre4knc – The Source [Samurai Music]
• Roy Green & Protone Speak – The Truth [Demand Records]
• Clarity – Mallformation [Samurai Music]
• Thing – Soundbwoy Style [Dubthing Records]
• Homemade Weapons – KeelHaul [Weaponry]
• Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Collapse [Soundium X]
• Overlook – All Of Them Witches [UVB76 Music]
• Talkre – Skynet [Dispatch LTD]
• Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Compromised [Blendits Audio]
• Fre4knc & Silvahfonk – Rebus [Critical Systems]
• Delilah – Shades of Grey (Spectrasoul Remix) [Atlantic]
• Calibre – Gone Away [Signature Records]
• Technimatic – Music is Music [Shogun Audio]
• Homemade Weapons – CrewCut [Samurai Music]
• DubHead & MC Fokus – Template [Dispatch LTD]
• Lenzman – Old Song [Metalheadz]
• Slider & Expose – Mannequin [Dust Audio]
• Mani Festo – Next 2 U [Rupture LDN]
• Fre4knc – Anais [Vandal Records]
• Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Electronic Harrasment [Dispatch LTD]
• Black Barrel – Fallen [Dispatch Recordings]
• King of the Rollers – Zulu [Hospital Records]
• Villem feat Leo Wood – Gifted Lover [Fokuz Recordings]
• Nymfo – A.F.C [Dispatch Recordings]
• Ben Soundscape & Roy Green & Protone – Captivated ft Tali [Dispatch Recordings]
• Ricky Force – Forlorn [Pressing Hard]
• Xena – God [Hanzom Music]


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Deep Everytime – A Calibre Selection By DJ Marky

Hello beautiful people!!!

This is a selection of a few of my favourite Calibre Tracks and remixes and catch me at XOYO London friday 19th July with Fabio and The Mighty Calibre at his night!!!!

Enjoy the mix

Big Luv <3

DJ Marky


1- Like It Is / Drop It Down
2- Go Back To Go Forward
3- Our Love Pt II
4- Vice
5- One World Feat. Zero T
6- Klute – Now, Always And Forever (Calibre Remix)
7- Moonlight
8- Twister
9- Deep Everytime
10- Hypnotized
11- All You Got
12- The Amen Track With DJ Marky
13- Even If
14- Typical Things
15- Movin’
16- Honey Dew
17- Mist:i:cal – Groove Me

Mixed with love by DJ Marky

DNB Dojo Mix Series 89: Glÿph

Belgian duo @glyphdnb (aka Clearlight and Owl) step up with our latest guest mix, bringing the minimal techfunk stylings that fans will already know and love them for. Packed full of dubs alongside tunes from the likes of Screamarts, Ground, Arkaik & QZB, this is the future sound of dark drum & bass…get to know.

ID & ID – ID
Nosfer – Interlinked
Ground – Unlocked
Exept & MVRK – Artificial Delight
Skylark – Echo
Screamarts – Particles
Submarine – Luna
Substance – Swank
Sinic – Left Turn
Waeys – Ropple
Hadley – Feeling
Mistrust – Sticks & Stones
Klinical – Lunar City
Arkaik – Severance
Visages & Sustance – Acid Heart
Gerra & Stone – Pathfinder
Halogenix – Line B
ID x ID x ID – ID
Hewson & Confusious – 40cal
QZB – Tech Priest
Signal, DLR & Abis – Artworld
Dub Head – Groove It
Ill Truth & Salt – Hot Data
Missin – Flux
Waeys – Pressure (Skantia Remix)
Indvadhertz – Everything I Need
Screamarts – Confined Space
Nami – Shake The Universe (Glÿph Remix)
ID x ID – ID
Glÿph – Abstract Lifeform
Monty – Hello

Podcast 239 – Bad Syntax & Freek + Kit

Tracklist and more info:

Podcast available on these platforms: 
iTunes –
Spotify –
Google Play – 
iHeartRadio –
Tunein – 
Stitcher –

DJ Storm – Bass Bubbles (Adelaide) – September 1999

Track widget embedding disabled.

A great DJ Storm set, this one from Adelaide, with MC Flux. I went to the Perth leg of this tour by Storm and thought it was early 2000, but my memory must be hazy as it seems to have been September 1999. Don’t get old kids.

I downloaded this years ago as it ended up being posted on a UK forum I modded. A rough tracklist is available courtesy of the crew at the original website – Big up.

The first 4 minutes only has some sound clipping issues, the rest is sweet.

Grooverider – World Dance – 2nd April 1994



Unit 1 – Love Me [Creative Wax]
Ratty – On The Case [Formation]
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – In Effect [Slammin’ Vinyl]
Bizzy B – Tuff Head (Dub Mix) [One Nation]
Deep Blue – The Helicopter Tune (Fantasy #1) [Moving Shadow – SHADOW41]
International Rude Boyz – Paragone (Remix) [Formation]
System X – Feel It [3rd Eye]
DJ-Anthems Volume II – DJ-Anthems Volume II [Formation]
Naughty Naughty – Volume Three (B) [Naughty Naughty]
The J.B. – Stand Easy [Back 2 Basics]
Flynn & Flora – String 4 String [Full Cycle]
Remarc + Lewi Cifer – Ricky [Dollar]
007 – Your Love Is All I Need [Formation]
Nookie – Gonna Be Alright (Cloud 9 Remix) [Reinforced]
LTJ Bukem & Peshay – 19.5 [Good Looking]
Origination – Music Takes Control [Rudeboy]

Kenny Ken

Northern Connexion – Think [Back 2 Basics]

DJ Ron & Kenny Ken – Roast ‘Xmas Party’ – 24th December 1991


DJ Ron

The Charm – De-Men-Tation [Bass Overdose]
DJ SS – The ‘E’ Face [Formation]
Xray Xperiments – Take No Chance [Xray]
DJ Seduction – Hardcore Heaven (The Heaven Mix) [Ffrreedom]
Bass Construction – Dance With Power (Original Mix) [Elicit]
Toxic – Original Style (X-clusive Remix) [D-Zone]
Urban Shakedown – Some Justice [Urban Shakedown]
Crystal Vortex – Children Of The Liam Crystal [PFly]
Rebel MC introducing Little T – Rich Ah Getting Richer (Orchestral Mix) [Tribal Bass]

Kenny Ken

1001 People – Ao-Ao (Remix) (Mental Overdrive Mix) [DFC]
The Clepto-Maniacs – Eros (Fun City Stereo-Type Mix) [Fokus U.K.]
Digital Excitation – Dreamparty (Straight FM-Mix) [Mikki House]
Masters At Work – Justa ‘Lil’ Dope [Cutting] (@ 45)

Kyam – Membrain Festival 2019 Promo

The ultra talented Kyam brings forth a exquisite mix for the next round of Membrain Festival 2019 promo mix. The host of Beats on the Borderland on jungle, producer of modern jungle with nostalgic touches has featured on recent releases for Ronin Ordinance and AKO Beatz, whilst pushing the vibes on his imprint Unbidden Audio. Perfect beats for the perfect location, we’ll see in you in Croatia very soon!

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