Noisia Radio S04E29

Noisia Radio this week: We premiere ‘Marauder – Hades’ taken from Partial#5, out this week on Division and ‘Magnitogorsk’ by Abstract Elements, out now on Invisible. More new and exciting music by the likes of Shades, Urbandawn, Prolix & Black Sun Empire, Signs, and a special feature from our Discord crowd. Big up!

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Marauder – Hades [DIVISION]
Phace – Das Techno [NEOSIGNAL]
Abstract Elements – Magnitogorsk [INVISIBLE]
Urbandawn – Sleeping Awake [HOSPITAL]
Dub Head – Meltdown [SOFA SOUND]
Shades – Chains [ALPHA PUP]
Noisia & Prolix – Asteroids (Noisia Remix) [VISION]
Killbox – Cousin Of Zilch [RAM]
Vhsceral – Huygens [RENRAKU]
Serum – Black Metal [HORIZONS]
Lockjaw – Without You [LOCKED CONCEPT]
Foreign Concept & Halogenix – Waiheke Wine Club (Circuits Remix) [CRITICAL]
Prolix & Black Sun Empire – The Message [BLACKOUT]
Culprate x Ghostek – Run [OPEN OUTLETS]
ZeroZero – Freedom Sound [DISPATCH]
Maztek – Timeless (Current Value Remix) [0101]
Walrus Tales – Triumvirate [SOUNDCLOUD]
Smol – Music To Be Nice To [RUSTOUT]
The Caracal Project – Crunchin’ [IMPACT]
Signs – Delirium Tremens [SATURATE]
Atom & Cell – Pressure (Noisia Remix)
Lorn – Broken Mantra [BANDCAMP]

PM036 Paradox Music Vol.30 Radio Show

New Radio Show showcasing the new PM036 12″ plus tracks from Naibu, Kid Drama, Gremlinz, Spirit, Sam KDC and other like-minded musicians

** Disclaimer – This is NOT a mix, but a narrator-style presented Radio Show **
** Tracklisting is clearly mentioned on the mic – pay attention **





Released : July 20th 2018


Seba Bookings :
Paradox Bookings :

CODE Mix #003 – Aphonic

CODE MIX #003 | @aphonicdnb step up for a 60 minute mix showcasing their versatile and unique flavors, featuring a blend of their own brand new beats and some classic sounds.

Don’t forget to check out their most recent release:

Aphonic – Forest Lullaby (Lifestyle Music)
Zed Bias – Energy High (Exit Records)
Metropolitan Chic – Why Forever (Scale Records)
Aphonic – Travel (Dub)
Aphonic – Echoic Memories (Sublife Recordings)
Aphonic – Under The Truth [Method One Remix] (Sublife Recordings)
Aphonic – Waiting For June (Dub)
Aphonic – The Further We Go [Sinistarr Remix] (Sublife Recordings)
SpectraSoul – Ben (Shogun Audio)
Aphonic – Imbalance (CODE Recordings)
Jekyll – Blabbermouth (Diffrent Music)
Aphonic – Strut (Lifestyle Music)
Incognito – Shuffle The Deck (State Of Mind Music)
Aphonic – Gripfunk VIP (Sublife Recordings Dub)
Bop – Untitled Pattern 56 (Med School Music)
Synkro – Progression (Exit Records)
Bachelors Of Science & Kuru – What We Need [Feat. Maria Remos] (CODE Recordings)
Lukeino, Jstarr, Kush Arora & Dubsworth – Dub Arrest [Aphonic Remix] (Sublife Recordings)
Aphonic – Octavia (CODE Recordings)
Enei – No Fear [Feat. Riya] (Critical Music)
dBridge vs. Alix Perez – Through My Eyes (Exit Records)
SpectraSoul – Suppression (Subtitles Music)
Halogenix – Her Waves (Critical Music)
Aphonic & Bachelors Of Science – Make It Go (CODE Recordings)
Aphonic – Polarize (Elevated Press Records)

Bad Syntax & Hanm – #Wienersout [Abducted LTD MpFREE]


It’s my (Bad Syntax) birthday today, and what better way to celebrate than going #Wienersout!?! This is a tune we did for the fun of it, and as a thank you to the massive amount of support I have been getting around the world as of late, its not up for free download! You guys are amazing, and I’m looking forward to the second half of 2018!

ALSO if you want to celebrate in person, catch Bad Syntax this weekend on the East Coast!
Saturday July 21 – Pittsburgh: BOTG: DLR (UK) & Bad Syntax!
Event page:
Sunday July 22 – Atlanta: Evol Intent, Armanni Reign & Bad Syntax
Event page:

DNB Dojo Mix Series 71: aardonyx

UK production and DJ duo @the-aardonyx step up with our latest exclusive guest mix! Featuring a mixture of new and old, techy and melodic, and of course a selection of their own beats from their releases on Nu Venture, Detached Audio and Atmomatix, this is pure rolling drum & bass at it’s finest. Wicked selections!

Vaiafi – Happy People
Commix – Hung Up
Calibre – Fire & Water
aardonyx – The Vision
Bladerunner – Love Is Gone
Actraiser – The One That Got Away (Original Mix)
Little Dragon – No Love (aardonyx Bootleg)
aardonyx – To Tulum
Zrylc – Supplemental
Break – Unification
Dimension – Generator
Zrylc – Soft Sector
Eastcolors – Vostok
Low:r & Hiraeth – Orphelia
Sirus – Soul Cleanse
Calibre – Notting Hill
Blastikz – Shine
Goldie, Natalie Williams, Ulterior Motive – I Adore You
Break – Too Much
Critical Event, Alexvnder – Lovers Heart (Bert H Remix)
aardonyx – Shadow Tactics
aardonyx – Hologram
Newcaise – No Longer Alone (Leniz Remix)
Missing – Thought Of You
Drum Force 1 – Never Let You
BCee – Beyond Belief (Technicolour Remix)

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