DNB Dojo Mix Series 75: Brusten

Our latest mix series guest should need no introduction; hailing from Romania and with releases under his belt for Counterpoint, Syndrome Audio, Fragmented Recordings, Modular Carnage and more, Brusten has built a sturdy reputation for dark, uncompromising beats.

Ahead of his forthcoming release with Dyl for Context Audio, Brusten has served up a characteristically deep selection featuring dubs from the likes of Eusebeia, Subminimal and Dyl, please cuts from Homemade Weapons and Kid Drama and some classics from Instra:Mental. Serious selections!

Instra:Mental – No future
Ghost Warrior – It Follows
Alex SLK & Underspawn – The Duel (unreleased)
K-Rob – Grounders (Dyl Remix)
Subminimal – Restricted (unreleased)
Ded Sheppard – Assembling Silence (Homemade Weapons Remix)
Brusten & Dyl – Stuck on You (Homemade Weapons Remix)
Brusten – Davos (Unreleased)
Dyl – 1991 (Unreleased)
Homemade Weapons – Tantrum (Red Army Remix)
Last Life – Menisco
Brusten & Dyl – Stuck on You
Marcus Intalex & Spirit – Acid Monday
Eusebeia – Sea change
Eusebeia – Juncture (Unreleased)
Kid Drama – Payback
SB81 – Dreamers
Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Moonwalk
Vector Burn – Silkworm
Eusebeia – In the Balaance
ASC – Absent Mind
Instra:Mental – User

UKF Podcast #109 – Villem & McLeod

Let Villem & McLeod take you on an hour-long journey through Drum & Bass with the latest instalment of the UKF Podcast celebrating the release of their new album ‘Playing The Changes’. 💙
● Buy the album: https://ukf.me/PlayingTheChangesLP

Villem & McLeod
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Spearhead Records
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D.D.A.T.G REBOOTED // mixed by Craze

We created remix stems for Ivy Lab’s “Death Don’t Always Taste Good LP” and gave the files to our friend & longtime 20/20 supporter DJ Craze to fuck with…. The results are ASTOUNDING.

Don’t know what ‘remix stems’ are ? It’s when you split a track up into individual components (drums / baseline / vocal / melody / etc etc etc) and export those isolated instruments as a file for future manipulation / reinterpretation.

Beat Excursions #3 Mix

A Beat Excursion expedition from Malaga (BSN Posse) via Detroit (Sinistarr) to Berlin (NGHT DRPS) in DJ mix format.


ID1 – BSN Posse Kabuki – Elevate
ID2 – Kabuki – Rhino
ID3 – Kabuki x Sinistarr – Ascension
ID4 – NGHT DRPS x Kabuki – For Real

You can buy the EP from my Bandcamp page, or stream it on Spotify:


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